Fungi 2

  1. what are Boletes?
    •Boletes - Produce spores on surface of pores instead of gills
  2. What are shelf fungi?
    basidiomycota (club) fungi that

    •Grow horizontally from bark or dead wood
  3. What are puffballs and Bird's nest fungi?
    • Both Basidiomycota- club fungi
    • •Puffballs - Spores released from pore at
    • top.

    • Bird’s nest fungi - Egglike bodies contain
    • basidiospores
  4. what are Parasitic species that do not form basidiomata:

    •    oGrain crops
    •       -Mycelium absorbs nutrients from
    • host cells.
    •     -Secrete substances that stimulate
    • host cells to form tumors


    • –Rusts -
    • Attack a wide variety of plants

    • oBlack stem rust - Requires two
    • hosts
  5. What are human ecological importance of rust?

    • oFewer
    • than 75 of the approximately 25,000 described species are poisonous.


    • oShiitake
    • mushrooms

    • «High in protein, calcium,
    • phosphorous, and iron.

    oPortabella mushrooms

    –Lentinacin and other pharmaceutical extracts

    –Nutrient recycling in soil
  6. What are deuteromycetes?
    impect fungi
  7. How does deutromycetes reproduce?
    Only asexually by conidia

    , no sexual observed.
  8. What are human ecological importance to deutromycetes?


    oGourmet cheese


    oCitric acid, soy sauce, miso, artificial flavoring

    oPhotographic developers, dyes

    oAspergilloses (respiratory disease), athlete’s foot

    Aflotoxin (carcinogen
  9. what are three major growth forms of lichens?
    • •Crustose - Attached to or embedded in
    • substrate over entire lower surface

    • •Foliose - Contain leaf-like thalli which
    • often overlap

    • •Fruticose - Resemble miniature upright
    • shrubs, or hang down in festoons from branches.
  10. Human ecological importance of lichens?
    • •Exceptionally sensitive to
    • pollution

    –Sulfur dioxide

    • oPossible to calculate amount of
    • sulfur dioxide present in air solely by mapping occurrence or disappearance of
    • certain lichens.

    –Nuclear radiation

    •Degradation of historic structures

    • •Food for animals - Reindeer eat fruticose
    • lichen.

    •Food supplements

    •Antibiotic properties

  11. British solider is a type of what?
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