com 101-4

  1. The problem cause solution pattern does ....
    require the presentation of a solution.
  2. the proper volume for delivering a speech is ...
    somewhat louder than that of normal conversation.
  3. the skillful use of color in presentaion aids can....
    be used to draw attention to key points, set the mood and makes things easy to see.
  4. The stratedies of persuasvie reasoning rely on...
    three appeals called ethos, logos, and pathos.
  5. The term biased language refers to..
    language that us sexist or racist and ageist or homophobic
  6. to change the distracting pattern of filler words...
    replace them with slight pauses..
  7. To de-emphasize less imporant areas of presentation,....
    use light colors.
  8. Two types of primary research include...
    interviews and surveys.
  9. Unnecessary and undesirable words used to fill pauses are called...
    vocal fillers.
  10. straw person is when...
     a speaker ignored someones actual position and subsitites a weaker misrepresentation of their position that is called a
  11. cherry picking is when...
    a speaker selectively presents statistics that ignore competing date..
  12. When an audience member strongly disagree with the speakers claims ..
    they are considered to be a hostile audience.
  13. When citing source material in a biliography,..
    the speaker should include the title and year of the publication
  14. When citing testimony in a speech...
    the speaker should always supply the name and qualifications of the source.
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