Early Childhood Midterm Review 3

  1. Physical Abuse
    Any non accidental physical injury
  2. Sexual abuse
    Using a child for sexual radifications/ sexual pleasure
  3. Emotional Abuse
    Abusing a child through words
  4. Neglect
    Not giving children the basic needs of life
  5. Emetic
    Substance that induces vomiting
  6. Incest
    Sexual abuse by a relative
  7. Anaphylactic Shock
    Extreme allergic reation that causes shock symptoms and possibly death
  8. Molestion
    Sexual contract made by someone outside the family with a child
  9. Confidentiality
    The keeping private of sensitivr personal information involving other people
  10. Syrup of Ipecac
    A type of emetic
  11. Code Red
    When an intruder is in the building
  12. Code Blue
    MedicalĀ  emergency
  13. Code Yellow
  14. Code Green
    All clear
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