Early Childhood Midterm Review 2

  1. Natural Consequences
    Occur without interference, child can see the result of their choice
  2. Verbal Guidance
    Using your words
  3. Effectivie Encouragement
    Not rewards or bribes
  4. Guidance
    Direct and indirect actions by adults to guide children to appropriate behavior
  5. Posistive Statements
    Clearly states what is expected
  6. Logical Consequences
    Should be relevant to the misbehavior
  7. Limited Choices
    Used to encourage decision making in children
  8. Accept Feelings
    Teach children to use their words instead of actions
  9. Role Model
    Practice what you preach. Be a good example
  10. Nonverbal Guidance
  11. Indirect Guidance
    Outside factors
  12. Redirect
    Get them to focus on something else
  13. Reverse/Ignore
    Ignore the negative by reinforcing the positive
  14. Time out
    1 minute per year of age
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Early Childhood Midterm Review 2
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