Early Childhood Midterm Review 1

  1. Extenders
    Additional activities used to fill the alloted
  2. Curriculum Area
    The subject matter
  3. Developmental Goals
    What the children will learn through the process
  4. Theme
    One main topic or idea in which the classroom activities are planned
  5. Introduction
    Attention getter
  6. Proecedures
    Step by step directions
  7. Level of Performance
    States the minimum standard of achievement
  8. Activity
    What the children will participate in
  9. Learning Objective
    Describes the expected outcome of an activity
  10. Outdoor play, Story time
    A large group activity
  11. The Behavior
    Any visible activities done by the child
  12. Materials/Supplies
    Everything that is needed to complete the activity
  13. Dramatic play, Center time
    A small group activity
  14. Condition of Performance
    Equipment, materials, or tools needed to reach the learning objective
  15. Closure
    How the activity will end
  16. Physical Development
    Use of fine motor skills
  17. Cognitive Development
    Use of brain, thinking/ problem solving
  18. Emotional Development
    How you feel about yourself
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