Review questions

  1. What were conquistadors searching for in the Americas?
    They were sent to look for treasure.
  2. What is the name of Mexico's largest City?
    The largest city in Mexico is Mexico City.
  3. Why did Spain gain control over most of latin america and portugal gained control over only Brazil?
    Because they signed the Treaty of Tordesillas.
  4. What body of water does the Amazon River flow into?
    The Atlantic Ocean.
  5. What advantages did the Spanish have when they conquered the people of the Americas?
    They had guns, cannons, and horses.
  6. The Incan civilization rose to power in the _________ region.
  7. What is the main religion of and language of Central America?
    Catholic and Spanish
  8. Why was the panama canal so difficult to build?
    The workers struggled with Mudslides, malaria, yellow fever, and the french company that was supporting them went bankrupt.
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