1. S.P.Q.R.
    Senātus Populusque Rōmānus

    The senate and the Roman people
  2. ab ovō usque ad mala
    from eggs to apples
  3. A.U.C.
    Ab Urbe Conditā

    From the founding of the City
  4. ad astra per aspera
    to the stars through hardships
  5. ad hoc
    to this thing
  6. ad hominem
    to the man
  7. ad lib
    ad libitūm

    at pleasure
  8. Alea iacta est
    The die is cast
  9. alter ego
    The other I
  10. A.D.
    Annō Dominī

    In the year of our Lord
  11. a.m./p.m. or A.M./P.M.
    ante/post meridiem

    before/after middle of the day
  12. ars gratiā artis
    art for the sake of art
  13. ars longo,vīta brevis
    art is long,life is short
  14. Avē Caesar, nōs moritūrī tē salutāmus
    Hail Caesar, we who are about to die salute you.
  15. bonā fidē
    in good faith
  16. carpe diem
    seize the day
  17. caveat emptor
    Let the buyer beware
  18. Cēdant arma togae
    Let arms yeild to the toga
  19. Cogitō ergo sum
    I think therefore I am
  20. cf.

  21. cui bonō?
    to whom the good?
  22. cum granō salis
    with a grain of salt
  23. dē factō/dē iūre
    • about the fact
    • about the law
  24. dē gustibus nōn disputandum
    There most be no disputing about tastes
  25. dē mortuīs nil nisi bonum
    about the dead (say) nothing except good
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