Mock Advancement Exam

  1. When writing a naval letter, you should ensure it is well organized and orderly. What is an example of Not correct order?
    Stating explanations before answers
  2. What should be done with the removable tip od a soldering gun after it becomes pitted?
    File the tip smooth and retin it.
  3. Circuits in which low-sensitivity anmeters are used are said to be "loaded". What is an example of a circuit loading?
    The anmeter circuit INDUCES current into the circuit being tested.
  4. A megger uses high voltage to check the insulation leakage in the megohm range. What is the source of this voltage?
    A hand-drivven dc generator
  5. Advanced CHange Notices (ACN) and PMS Feedback Reports (FBR) are retained in the 43P1 for how long?
    Until revision documentation is received
  6. If you are preparing to single lace conductors, what total length must the lacing be in relationship to the longest conductor
    Two and one-half times the length.
  7. The metallic shell capacitive ground of a planar tube serves as what kind of capacitor in a cathode-bias circuit?
  8. During what MOPP level will the individual protective mask be maintained in carrier and on person?
  9. What serves as the cathode in a comon type of dry cell?
    Zinc container
  10. What condition causes the nuts or screws which hold the tip of a soldering gun to loosen?
    The heating and cooling cycle loosens them
  11. The examples AB=BA and A+B=B+A represent which of the following Boolean laws?
  12. Who approves the Cycle Schedule?
    Department Head
  13. What article of the UCMJ allows nonjudicial punishment to be awarded?
    Article 15
  14. WHat term is used to describe current pulses that flow in the same direction?
    Pulsating direct current
  15. It is important to set a voltmeter on its highest range scale before taking a measurement for what reason?
    To protect the meter from damage
  16. What respirator cartridge color should be used when working around organic vapors?
  17. Once an SCR is turned on by a positive pulse of current applied to the gate lead, what action turns the SCR off?
    Reducing the collector current to a value below that necessary to maintain conduction
  18. A voltage applied to a PN junction so that it will increase the barrier and offer a high resistance to current flow is called what type of bias?
  19. What is the primary purpose of the beam-forming plates in the beampower tube?
    To concentrate the electrons into a beam
  20. The output voltage of an elementary generator is coupled from the armature to the brushes by what device?
    Slip Rings
  21. Information on personal financial management can be found in what OPNAVINST?
  22. In the P-type semiconductor, what are the majority carriers?
    The electrons
  23. The coeffiecient of coupling between two coils is a measure of what factor?
    The magnetic flux ration linking the coils
  24. The Wheatstone bridge can be used on precision measurements of which of the following quantities?
  25. An alternator using a gas turbine as a prime mover should have what type of rotor?
  26. What motor has a constant speed from no load to full load?
  27. What is the relationship of total current to the current through a component in (a) a series circuit, and (b) a parallel circuit?
    (a) Equals (b) Divides
  28. The hollow form of nonmagnetic material found in the center of an air coil has what purpopse?
    To support the windings
  29. What is the ripple frequency of a halfway rectifier with an input line frequency of 60 Hz?
    60 Hz
  30. Solvents should NEVER be used in unventilated spaces under any circumstances.
  31. If, during the soldering process, the soldering gun switch is depressed for longer than 30 seconds, what danger exists?
    The insulation of the wire may be burned
  32. Self-induced emf is also known as what force?
    Counter electromotive force
  33. A basic D'Arsonval meter is used to measure voltage by connecting its meter coil to (a) what type of component in (b) what circuit arrangement?
    (a) Multiplier resistor (b) series
  34. What is the most common form of coupling ?
  35. For a cold-cathode tube, how does the voltage regulator maintain a constant voltage drop across the tube?
    By changing the resistance of the tube as current flow varies
  36. What is/are the basic purpose(s) of the silicon controlled rectifier (SCR)?
    To function as a switch
  37. What was developed to reduce PMS requirements during overhauls, availables, and other extended periods of equipment inactivity.
  38. This type of terrorist activity is an overt seizure of one or more individuals with the inten of gaining publicity or other concessions in return for release of the hostages
    Hostage taking
  39. What is the usual speed range (in feet per minute) of a chronometric tachmeter?
    0 to 3000
  40. WHat cpmonents cause(s) a generator to produce a dc voltage instead of an ac voltage at its output
    The Commutator
  41. What area of an ohmmeter scale should be used when a measurement is taken?
    Mid-scale portion
  42. What are the two basic types of alternators
    Rotating field and rotating armature
  43. A substance with an excess of electrons is considered to be in what electrical state?
  44. The SCR is eqivalent to what electronic device
  45. What happens to inductive reactance as frewuency increases?
    It increases
  46. A particular D'Arsonval meter has a fullscale current reading of 1 milliampere. A full-scale reading of 100 milliamperes may be achieved by using which of the following components?
    A resistance of proper value placed in parallel with the meter terminals
  47. Why are solvents used in the soldering process?
    To remove contaminants from the soldered connection
  48. The primary mission of our submarine force is to destroy what type of ships?
  49. In carrying out the ship's daily routine, who should the in-port officer of the deck report to?
    Command duty officer
  50. Why is a lacing shuttle used when conductors are laced in bundles?
    It helps prevent the cord or tape from fouling
  51. In galvanometers, which of the following components is/are used to indicate the value of the current being measured?
    Pointer, Light and mirror
  52. Alcohol is classified as what type of drug?
  53. An increase in reverse bias of a varactor will have what effect on the width of depletion region?
    It will increase
  54. In a voltmeter, the D'Arsonva meter movement is caused to move by what electrical action?
  55. Maximun current will flow in an LR circuit after a minimum of how many time constants have elapsed?
  56. What label is used to identify a test instrument that is within tolerance on all parameters?
  57. If deflection were not used in the CRT, what would be viewed on the screen of the tube?
    A bright spot in the center
  58. What describes the shorting of a cell?
    Connecting the anode and cathode together without a load
  59. What is a logic gate?
    A decision-making circuit
  60. What term defines the capacity of a soldering iron to generate and maintain a satisfactory soldering termperature while giving up heat to the joint being soldered?
    Thermal Inertia
  61. What nonmetallic material is most commonly used to protect wires and cables
    Fibrous Braid
  62. An in-circuit meter is used for what purpose?
    To monitor circuit operation
  63. In an oscilloscope, which of the following waveform characteristics are represented by (a) vertical deflection and (b) horizontal deflection?
    (a) Amplitude (b) frequency
  64. If low weight is the factor, what materials should be used as a conductor?
  65. Photocels are used in what circuits?
  66. Out-of-circuit meters have which of the following advantages over in circuit meters?
    They can be used on more than one device
  67. Color codes are used on preinsulated terminal lugs and splices to indicate what information?
    The wire sizes on which they are to be used
  68. If circuit voltage is held constant, cirxcuit current will react in what manner as the resistance (a) increases, and (b) decreases
    (a) Increases (b) decreases
  69. What is the purpose of a shunt in a dc ammeter
    To increase the current range of the meter
  70. What subatomic particle has a positive charge and a large mass?
  71. When the PN-junction diode is reversed biased, what happens to the majority carriers?
    They move away from the junction
  72. Safety precautions for surface preservation work are in what chapter of the NSTM?
    Chapter 631
  73. When the photodiode is exposed to an external light, what happens to (a) resistance and (b) current?
    (a) decreases (b) increases
  74. Flip-Flops are what type of multivibrators?
  75. A voltmeter should be connected in an electrical circuit in what matter?
    In parallel with the load
  76. A material wose resistance remains constant as the temperature increases has what temperature coefficient?
  77. What type of bias makes a diode act as an open switch?
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