Client/Server Final

  1. What does BLOB stand for?
    Binary Large Object
  2. What data type do we store BLOBS in SQL Server?
  3. What data type does MS suggest we store a BLOB in visual studio?
    file table
  4. What data type is a blob stored in C#?
    byte array
  5. What 2 new WPF controls were introduced
    • rich text box
    • dialog control
  6. What is WCF?
    • Windows Communication Foundation
    • Communication between executables
  7. What does A.B.C. stand for?
    • Address
    • Binding
    • Contract
  8. When is Binding used?
    With the BLOB
  9. When is the contract used?
  10. What 2 attributes did we use in EmployeeDataService and explain what they do.
    • [ServiceContract]
    •       provides meta data for run time environment
    •       put on class level
    • [OperationContract]
    •      put on method level
  11. What is an attribute?
    useful peices of meta data used at run time to do something.
  12. What is the WCF Host?
    Used to run the server
  13. When adding a WCF Service to a WCF Service Library project, what 2 files get created by VS?
    • Interface
    • implementation class of the interface
  14. Which files get updated/created when adding a WCF Service to a WCF Service Library project?
    • Implementation class file
    • interface
    • App.config
  15. What datatype was the IsTech column given?
  16. What is the SerializedEmployee classified as?
  17. What does WCF do to Lists that are sent over the network?
    converts into array
  18. When adding a Service Reference what file is created/updated on the client?
  19. Difference between app.config and App.config
    • App = server side
    • app = client side
  20. How does the CallDataService differ from the EmployeeDataService when tracking Optimistic Concurrency?
    They don't
  21. If a change is made to the DataService, what should you do in the user object's project to pick up the change? What is another option
    • right click service and update
    • delete service and app.config and re add them
  22. Which Object Oriented principle does a user control provide and example of?
  23. What is the assembly type produced when creating a user control?
  24. Where does the control show up in the VS ide?
  25. How does our EmployeeChooser control notify its parent that an employee has been selected?
    raise an event
  26. What is the data type for the date fields in the Calls table?
  27. What is the data type for the equivalent field in C#?
  28. What do you have to do to a date field in C# when working with it?
    has to have a valid date value
  29. What happens when you try and store a date field with DateTime.MinValue in the database?
    conversion error
  30. What do you need to do to load the Problems combo box?
    content and tag
  31. How do you retrieve the correct problem id from the combo box once the user has selected one?
  32. How does a user close a call?
    check box
  33. How many .dll's are in Case Study 2? What are they?
    • 3
    • Data Services
    • UserObjects
    • UserControl
  34. How many .dll's go on the server?
  35. What are the 3 complex type contracts?
    • [DataContract]
    • [EdmxComplexType]
    • [Serializable]
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