pharm endo prescriptions.txt

  1. prescription requirements law
    Education Law, Article 137, Section 6810
  2. PAs prescribing law
    Section F
  3. controlled substances law
    Part 80
  4. What do controlled Rxs need above and beyond?
    DEA number, patient sex (schedule 2 only), quantity in both number and words, and maximum daily dosage.
  5. Controlled Rx limits
    valid 30 days, limited to 30 day supply (except with code), 5 refills/6 month limit (except C2 which have no refills allowed)
  6. Schedule II drugs
    Oxycodone, Percocet, hydromorphone, morphine, fentanyl, methadone, methylphendidate, adderall, anabolic steroids (Federal III/State II)
  7. Schedule III drugs
    Vicodin, Tylenol with Codeine
  8. Schedule IV drugs
    Benzodiazepines, zolpidem
  9. Schedule V drugs
    Cheratussin AC
  10. Verbal Scripts
    must include same information as written (excluding signature), must specify whether substitution is permitted, can be done by prescriber's agent (unless controlled)
  11. Controlled Verbal Script maxes
    CII/III/V/benzos 5 days, CIV 100 U or 30 days, syringes 100
  12. CII/anabolic steroids/benzos verbal script qualifiers
    must be an emergency situation (immediate need, no appropriate alternative, written not possible). within 72 hours, written Rx covering verbal order ("authorization for emergency dispensing" written on it), otherwise get turned in (other schedules not turned in)
  13. Medicaid max
    30 day supply, 5 refills/6 month supply
  14. Add with Authorization
    DEA#, directions, code, MDD, strength
  15. Change with Authorization
    DEA#, directions, code, quantity, MDD, strength, dosage form
  16. Change/Add without Authorization
    pt address/sex/age
  17. Never Add
    pt name, date written, drug name, quantity, signature
  18. Never Change
    pt name, date written, drug name, signature
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pharm endo prescriptions.txt
pharm endo prescriptions.txt