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  1. When is the Navy's Birthday?
    October 13, 1775
  2. These were the battleships of the sailing days. The largest of all sailing warships and carried 64 to over 100 guns of various sizes.
  3. These were the cruisers of the 18 th century. They generally carried 28 to 44 guns.
  4. These were all small sailing warships. They carried 10-20 guns
  5. What group was commissioned by the Continental Congress and by individual states to capture enemy merchant ships as prizes of war?
    the privateers
  6. The 1st warfare submarine was named?
  7. During the late 18th century, battleships were classified as?
    Ships -of-the-line
  8. The first official recognition of the American Stars and stripes flag by a foreign nation was given by
    the USS Ranger
  9. Who was amongst the most daring commanders bringing war to British waters, skipper of the USS Ranger?
    John Paul Jones
  10. the father of the modern naval ordinance?
    John Dahlgren
  11. the first modern cruiser in the US Fleet is?
    USS Newark
  12. What war began when the maine was  blown up and 250 sailors we killed?
    Spanish-American war
  13. On July 30, 1942, Congress Authorized establishment of
    women's reserve
  14. what was the 1st carrier designed?
    USS Ranger
  15. when the Japaneses attacked Pearl HRbor, a destroyer _______?____ was among the 1st.
  16. American Forces to fire against the enemy, sinking a Japanese midget submarine.
    USS Ward
  17. Which battle was fought entirely with aircraft launcehd from carriers, these 2 fleets never saw each other?
    Battle of Coral Sea
  18. The turning point of the war in the Pacific was?
    Battle of Midway
  19. In November 1942, After 3 days of bitter fighting, the Jaapnese naval forces retreated, and U?S Marines were able to secure the Island under which battle?
    Battle of Guadalcanal
  20. This Battle was the deciding catastrophe for the Japanese Navy. The final blow came October 23, 1944, in a last-chance effort to salvage the Phillippines, the Japanese sent a naval force to which area?
    Leyte Gulf
  21. The largest amphibious operation in history took place in?
  22. On July 30,1942, congress authorization establishment of
    women's reserve
  23. 1st woman sworn into the women's reserve was?
    mildred helen mcAfee
  24. Since their loss on the USS juneau, the Navy set up a policy regarding family members serving together at sea. who were they?
    Sullivan brother mayport
  25. 1st nuclear submarine?
  26. The Solomon Islands came under allied control and the danger of Australia coming under Japanese attack was lessened?
    Battle of Guadalcanal
  27. Heavy losses of ships, aircraft and pilots paralyzed the Japanese Fleet
    Battle of Coral Sea
  28. Defeat of the Japanese in these battles signaled an approach to the end of the war.
    Battle of Okinawa and Iwo Jima
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