quiz 13&14

  1. PA
    physicians assistant
  2. PO
    by mouth
  3. pp
    post prandial
  4. PPD
    purified protein derivative
  5. pc
    after meals
  6. PDR
    physicials desk reference
  7. Peds
  8. PERLA
    pupils equally reactive to light accomodation
  9. PICU
    peds intensive care unit
  10. PKU
  11. PNS
    periperal nervous system
  12. PRN
    as necessary
  13. PT
    physical therapy or protime
  14. PFT
    pulmonary function test
  15. PTT
    partial thromboplatin time
  16. Px
  17. PPH
    post partum hemorrhage
  18. q
  19. qod
    every other day
  20. qhs
    every night at bedtime
  21. qid
    four times a day
  22. qoh
    every other hour
  23. q2h
    every 2 hours
  24. R
  25. RBC
    red blood count
  26. REM
    rapid eye movement
  27. Rales
    crackling sound on inspiration
  28. R/O
    rule out
  29. ROM
    range of motion
  30. RT
    respiratory therapy
  31. RDS
    respiratory distress syndrome
  32. RLL
    Rt. lower lobe
  33. RLQ
    Rt. lower quadrant
  34. paraplegic
    paralysis from waist down
  35. pathogen
    microbe that is harmful
  36. perineal care
    cleaning of the genital and anal areas
  37. phantom limb
    pt complains of pain in limb that has been amputated
  38. plasma
    liquid part of blood
  39. post-mortem
    after death
  40. post-op
    after surgery
  41. pre-op
    before surgery
  42. prosthesis
    artificial body part
  43. pulse rate
    number of heart beats felt per minute
  44. pupil
    center black opening of eye
  45. quadriplegia
    paralysis of both arms and legs
  46. R.O.M
    range of motion
  47. R&O
    reality and orientation
  48. respiration
    act of breathing in and out
  49. sclera
    white part of eye
  50. seizure
    a convulsion
  51. shock
    lack of adequate blood to vital organs
  52. sims
    side lying upper leg flexed and lower arm behind back
  53. slander
    false oral statements
  54. sperm
    male sex cell
  55. sphygmomanometer
    used to record B/P
  56. spore
    hard shelled  bacteria
  57. sputum
    secretion from lungs
  58. steril
     free of all microbes including spores
  59. stomatitis
    inflammation of the mouth
  60. stool
  61. stroke
  62. subjective data
    reported by pt.
  63. sundowning
    increase in behaviors after the sun has set
  64. supine
    lying on back
  65. systolic
    upper B/P reading, heart is working
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