anatomy final

  1. thalamus
    coordinates the activities of the verebral cortex and participates in some forms of emotion and sensation.  2 oval masses on either side of 3rd ventricle
  2. hypothalamus
    • somatic morot activities at a subconscious level
    • controls ANS function
    • Regulates emotions
    • Regulates body temp
  3. epithalamus
    • contains pineal body
    • contains choroid plexus of the third ventricle
  4. Midbrain
    cerebral peduncles, Superior Cerebellar peduncles, Substantia Nigra, Red Nuclei, Cerebral Aqueducts, corpora quadrigemina
  5. Pons
    • sensory and motor nuclei for cranial nerves.
    • Control respiration. 
  6. Medulla Oblongata
    • relay stations and reflex centers. 
    • cardiovascular
  7. 3 end parts of spinal cord
    • cauda equina
    • Conus Medullaris
    • Filum Terminale 
  8. filum termilale
    thin strand of pia mater which anchors the conus medularis to coccyx
  9. conus medularis
    end of the spinal cord
  10. cauda equina
    spinal nerves which exit the tip of the spinal cord and run down after the spinal cord has ended
  11. white matter of spinal cord partitioned into three regions 
    anterior/lateral/posterior funiculus
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