Middle East

  1. What is the main conflcit concern in the middle east?
  2. Define Zionism.
    jews began moving to palestine in hoping to establish a homeland
  3. What did the jews declare in 1948?
    the state of isreal
  4. What was the six day war?
    Isreal took the west bank, gaza strip, and golan heights
  5. What is the palestinean question
    THe palestiniian authority is determined to seek regonizition of a palestinian state in the west bank, gaza strip, andĀ east jersualem
  6. What did the UN vote to reconigze in nov 2012?
    Palestine as a non memeber state
  7. Who is the president of the palestinean autority?
    Muhammad abbas
  8. Allah
    god of islam
  9. muhammad
    allahs prophet
  10. quran
    holy book of islam
  11. sharia
    law of islam
  12. jihad
    holy war
  13. five pillars of faith
    basic beleifs of islam
  14. ramadan
    holy month of islam
  15. shia and sunni
    two rivial branches
  16. Who are the Hamas?
    the primary anti- isralei religious opposition group in the occupied territories
  17. What were the hamas and isreal engaged in nov?
    and eight day conflict
  18. What is the palestinean autority?
    consider the major palestinean org.
  19. What is the fatah?
    rival group to the hamas
  20. What is hezaballah?
    • radical shia group
    • stongly anti western and antiĀ 
    • allied with iran
  21. What is the al qauda?
    • osama bin laden was leader
    • goal is to reesablish muslim state
  22. What is islamic brother hood?
    • islamic religious and political org. dedicated to the establishment of a nation based on islamuc principals
    • want to use shairia law to contol state and society
  23. WHat was arab spring?
    democratic uprisings that arose indepently an spread
  24. Who is president of egypt and got overthrown by arab spring?
    president mubarak
  25. Who became president after mubarak in egypt? What did he issue a decree for? result?
    • Mohamed Morsi
    • make himself more powerful
    • civil nrest and protest
  26. Who was killed as a result of arab spring in Libya?
    Mummar Qaddafi
  27. What type of gov does iran have? who is the supreme ruler?
    • Theocracy
    • Ayotollah Ali Khamenei
  28. WHat is irans biggest danger?
    nuclear programs
  29. Who is the president of iran?
    Mahmound Ahmadinejad
  30. Who did us help overthrow in iraq?
    saddam hussein
  31. Who ruled afganistan from 1996 to 2001?
  32. Who is ruler of syria?
    Bashar Al' Assad
  33. What has been going o since arab spring in syria?
    civil war
  34. In syria what have opposition forces created?
    national coalition and has been recongized by many
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