Test 3 Glossory Term

  1. What is an Ion?
    A Ion is a negativilly or positivilly charged atom or group of atoms
  2. What is a chemical bond?
    A chemical bond is a chemical link between two atoms which holds the atoms together.
  3. AWhat is a ionic bond?
    An ionic bond is a bond that foms between oppisitly charged ions.
  4. What is a ionic compound?
    A ionic compound is a compound made from oppisitily charged particles.
  5. What is a molecular compound?
    A molecular compound is a compound with particles made up of atoms held together by covalent bonds.
  6. What is a covalent Bond?
    A covalent bond is where one or more atoms share one or more pairs of electrons.
  7. What is a molecule?
    A molecule is the smallest discrete particle of a molecular compound that has one or more shared pairs of electrons in one or more covalent bonds. 
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Test 3 Glossory Term