drug lit final general

  1. medication information - list of drugs
    materia medica
  2. medication information - list of drug standards
  3. the science that studies the use and processing of data, information, and knowledge
  4. what becomes the thesis
    problem statement
  5. when is an autors work protected under copyright
    as soon as it is recorded in some concrete way
  6. how long is the copyright protected for
    70 years after the authors death or last author death
  7. length of copyright for
       commercially prepared (works for hire)
    after a period of 95 years from the year of first publication of a work, or a period of 120 years from the first year of its creation, whichever expires first
  8. 4 pronged test for fair use
    • nature and character of use
    • nature of work
    • proportional amount copied
    • the effect on the market for the copied work
  9. 3 cases when you can use info in class without obtaining permission
    • instructional purpose
    • face-to-face teaching
    • nonprofit educational institution
  10. 5 factors of CRAAP test
    • currency
    • relevance
    • authority
    • accuracy
    • purpose
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drug lit final general
drug lit final general