Biomed final review

  1. Graphic objective 8
    Idendify on a diagram or photograph the major reions of the human body p. 13
  2. Graphic objective 9.
    Define the directional terms used in human anatomy. Be able to idenfiy directiono on a diagram or photograph p. 14
  3. Superior
    Toward the head, top, or above
  4. Inferior
    away from head, bottom, or below.
  5. Medial
    toward the midline.
  6. Lateral
    away from the midline
  7. Proximal
    closer to the point of origin or attachment
  8. Distal
    Futher away from the point of origin or attachment.
  9. Anterior (Ventral)
    toward the front.
  10. Posterior (dorsal)
    toward the back.
  11. Ipsilateral
    same side of midline
  12. Contralateral
    opposite side of midline.
  13. Superficial
    means toward the suface.
  14. Deep
    towards the core.  *most oregans inside cavities are covered with a double-layerd membrane.
  15. Parietal
    is the surface closest to the cavity wall.  *Most organs inside cavities are covred with a double -layered membrane
  16. Viceral
    surface closest to the organ inside the cavity.    *Most organs inside cavities are covered with a double-layered membrane.
  17. Sagittal
    dividing medial from lateral.

    Midsagittal- divides the body into two equal, mirror-image halves.

    Parasagittal- Parallel to sagittal, but not through the midline.
  18. Transverse
    dividing superior from inferior
  19. Frontal (coronal)
    dividing anterior from posterior. (dorsal from ventral)
  20. objectove 10
    Thre Cardinal Body planes

    Transverse (horizontal)

    Frontal (Coronal)
  21. Sagittal Plane
    Dividing medial from lateral

    • Midsagittal- Divides the bondy into the two  equal, mirror-image halves
    • Parasagittal- Parallel to sagittal, but not through the midline
  22. Transverse
    Also called horizontal- dividing superior from inferior
  23. Frontal ( Coronal)
    dividing anterior from posterior (dorsal form ventral)
  24. Graphic obj. 10. Identify the three cardinal planes used to section the body.
  25. Graphic objective 11.  Locate the majmor coney cavities on a diagram or photograph. Demonstrate an understanding of the  three-demension al relationship between the body cavites.
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