Soc. 134 Campus Riots

  1. communal riot (race riot)
    people targeted because of ethnic group, language or religion
  2. commodity riot
    property is destroyed regardless of ownership
  3. protest riot
    violence to protest policy or actions by authorities     or others  
  4. police riot
    police beat people instead of arresting them
  5. celebratory riot
    violence to celebrate sports victory or other occasion
  6. Riots not found in contemporary u.s.
    • soccer riots
    • food riots
    • machine breaking
  7. Waves of riots
    • race (1910-20)
    • Urban (commodity) (60s)
    • Campus (199-2000)
  8. unsupported explanations of campus riot 
    • people are driven mad by the crowd
    • community strain
  9. Pre-req for a riot
    • people with access to riot area
    • people temporarily available
    • social cues
    • people with purpose to riot
  10. two types of purposes to riot
    • intended violence
    • outcome violence
  11. intended violence
    violence that results from people pursuing inherently vilent goals
  12. outcome violence 
    violence that results from people with non-violent goals, but who face resistance to these goals
  13. How can alcohol contribute to riots
    • lowers inhibitions and impairs thinking and coordination
    • restrictions may create encounters between partiers and police attempting to enforce restrictions
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