Bio 12 genes test

  1. what is a trait?
    a characteristic like height or colour
  2. what are genes?
    they are found on chromosomes, and they control traits
  3. What are Allees?
    different forms of genes ex. B or b
  4. what is a Phenotype?
    the outward appearance of a trait (tall pea plant)
  5. what is a Genotype?
    the alleles (or genes)that make up a trait, represented by letters (T)
  6. Organisms that have two identical alleles for a particular trait are called?
  7. Organisms that have two different alleles for the same trait are called?
    heterozygous (hybrids)
  8. What are Punnett squares used to show?
    The possible combinations of gametes.
  9. What is the law of segregation
    The two factors (alleles) separate when the gametes are formed, and only one factor (allele) is present in each gamete
  10. what is a MonohybridCrosses
    Bb x Bb for example
  11. Dihybrid Cross (following twotraits)
    AaBb x AaBb
  12. Law of Independent Assortment
    Genes for various traits are assorted into gametes independently (due to homologues lining up randomly at the metaphase plate).
  13.  incomplete dominance and co-dominance
    If there are only two alleles involved in determining the phenotype of a certain trait, but there are three possible phenotypes, then this can be either incomplete dominance or co-dominance
  14. what is Co-dominance?
    a mixing of the other phenotypes with both appearing at the same time
  15. what is Incomplete Dominance?
    a blend of the other two phenotypes
  16. How many alles will we always have in each gene
  17. what are the 4 main blood types?
    • IA : Allele for type A blood
    • IB : Allele for type B blood
    • IAB : Allele for type AB blood
    •  i : Allele for type O blood
  18. what is An antibody?
    An antibody is a special protein which is part of our immune system which helps rid our body of invading cells and microbes.
  19. if your blood types is____ then you will produce the antibody ____
    • A = B
    • B = A
    • O = A and B
    • AB = none
  20. what is Rhesus factor?
    When your blood cells are also further identified by another marker protein called the “rh”
  21. what happens if you have "rh" or you don't?
    If you have this marker protein you are rh+ and if you do not have it you are rh-.
  22. what happens if you are "rh-"
    If you are "rh-" you do produce the rh antibodies.
  23. what happens if your rh+
    If you are rh+ you do not produce rh antibodies
  24. Traits controlled by genes found on the sex chromosomes are called what?
    sex linked
  25. what can men only have involing sex linked genes
    Since only men inherit Y chromosomes, they are the only ones to inherit Y-linked traits
  26. What can both Men and Women get from sex linked genes?
    Men and women can get the X-linked ones since both inherit X chromosomes.
  27. whats Autosomal?
    Autosomal chromosome disorder that is expressed differently depending on hormones present.
  28. What is a pedigree chart?
    An illustrateion of the inheritance of a gene within a family
  29. what represents the males and the females on a pedigree chart?
    males aresymbolized by a square (□) and females are symbolized by a circle (○)
  30. sex linked mean?
    x linked
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