Finals NUTR Enzymes

  1. Glycogenesis
  2. Glycogen synthase
  3. Branching Enzyme
  4. Glycogen phosphorylase
  5. Glucosyl transferase
  6. Debranching Enzyme
  7. Glucose 6 Phosphatase
  8. PKA
  9. Protein Phosphatase 1
  10. Ca2+-dep kinase
  11. Glucokinase vs. Hexokinase?
    - Km?
    - Vmax?
    - Tissues?
    - Activation/Inhibition?
    - What is important about glucokinase's Vmax?
    Glucokinase has higher km (specificity) and higher capacity to process glucose

    Glucokinase is found in the liver while hexokinase is found in most tissues.Activated by glucose

    Glucokinase has a high Vmax, allowing liver to remove lots of glucose from blood post-prandially to prevent hyperglycemia.

    Glucokinase has absolutely no feedback inhibition, while hexokinase is allosterically inhibited by G6P (fastest regulation).
  12. PFK-1
    • Activated by: AMP, F2,6BP
    • Inhibited by: ATP, citrate
  13. Pyruvate kinase
    Glycolysis: PEP---> Pyruvate 
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