Acupuncture III

  1. Cutaneous regions:
    • Each channel has a cutaneous region
    • Linked to organs
    • Promote the smooth flow of qi and blood in meridians
    • Regulate function of zang/fu organ
  2. What is a 7 star needle?
    • 7 short needles embedded in round space all in one length.
    • The handle is 5-6 in long
  3. How do you use a 7 star needle?
    • Clean the area really well (betadine).
    • Tap the skin with the needle (either hard or slow), which might cause bleeding
    • Used on UB channel
  4. What is a plum blossom needle?
    • 5 needle at the base
    • 1 foot long handle
  5. How do you use a plum blossom needle?
    • Used on paravertebral muscles
    • Tapping the skin
    • Tx is daily or every other day: 10-15 tx over 2-3 weeks for chronic dx.
    • No tapping on low abdomen on pregnancy, traumas or acute infectious diseases
  6. Plum blossom needle is good for:
    • Nervous system problems, skin diseases, HA, dizziness, gynecological problems
    • Not for very young, very old or very weak patients.
  7. What are intra-dermal needles?
    • Needle (look like earseeds) that are tapped in and patient goes home with it.
    • There are two types: thumb tack & grain-like
  8. What is a thumb tack intra-dermal needle?
    • Commonly used for ear
    • Keep area clean
    • Needle is 0.3 cm long
  9. What is a grain-like intra-dermal needle?
    • Looks like a grain (1 cm long)
    • Placed in parts of the body
    • NOT in joints or parts that move
  10. What are intra-dermal needles used for?
    • ┬áChronic or painful dx
    • Use 1-2 needles at a time
    • SUMMER --> short duratin due to sweating, dust & air contact (don't want it to be infected)
    • WINTER --> longer period of time
    • NEVER use on skin ulcers or infected areas
  11. Info about Acupuncture E-Stim:
    • Time saving
    • Stimulation is objective pattern
    • Tx time is 10-20 min, as long as 45 min
    • Need 2 points to make the circuit
  12. What are the 2 frequencies of E-Stim?
    • Regular: for p!/spams, EXCESS pattern
    • Irregular: for numbness/paralysis, DEFICIENCY pattern
  13. Cautions of E-Stim:
    • Strong stimulation might cause fainting (so lay patient down before starting tx)
    • Never do E-Stim on expired or used to do moxa on because they easily break
    • Never cross the heart w/2 heads (-) and (+)
    • Hypertension
  14. Contraindication of E-Stim
    • HT dx, pacemaker
    • Don't do E-Stim on silver or gold needles (weaker needles and may electrolyze (toxin) to patient)
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