Korean Chap. 7 Vocab

  1. 결합; 좋은 결합 
    match, union; good match
  2. 과정; 제조 과정
    process, step, procedure; production procedure 
  3. 교환하다 
    to exchange, barter (for one thing or another)
  4. 궁궐 
    royal palace
  5. 궁합; 궁합을 보다; 궁합이 맞는 부부
    marital harmony as predicted by a fortune-teller; to predict marital harmony; well-matched couple
  6. 기원하다; 풍년을 기원하는 농악
    to wish, pray; farmer's music (nongak) that wishes for an abundant harvest
  7. 나누다;  사랑을 나누는 연인들; 그는 재산을 세 아들에게 나누어 주었다. 
    To share, divide; lovers who share love; he divided his estate among his 3 sons 
  8. 남폐
    sending blue and red silks to the bride's house
  9. 대접; 융숭한 대접
    treatment; cordial, heartwarming treatment
  10. 대추
    jujube, Chinese dates
  11. 던지다
    to throw away
  12. 데리고 가다
    to take someone away (like for a walk)
  13. 도착하다
    to arrive, reach, get to
  14. 동행하다
    to accompany, go together
  15. 두다
    to have a child 
  16. 드리우다
    to hang down, let hang, suspend 
  17. 드물다
    to be rare, uncommon
  18. 따르다
    to follow 
  19. 때로 
    occasionally, at times
  20. 때리다
    to beat (a thing, person, or animal)
  21. 뜷다
    to make a hole, penetrate
  22. 마련되다; 마련하다
    to be prepared; to prepare
  23. 맞다
    to face, have (a day, New Year)
  24. 매달다
    to hang
  25. 머물다
    to stay, lodge
  26. 몇몇의
  27.  바깥쪽
  28. 발바닥 
    sole of the foot
  29. 방문지
    paper of a paper door 
  30. 보자기 
    wrapping cloth
  31. 부인네; 동네 부인네들
    married women; village women 
  32. 비단
  33. 사모 관대
    male minister's costume with a silk hat in old Korea (used as male's ceremonial dress in traditional weddings) 
  34. 사주
    the Four Pillars (birth year, month, day, and hour) that is a letter that is sent between the houses of a bride and groom
  35. 상징하다
    to symbolize 
  36. 생년월일시
    date and hour of birth
  37. 서양식
    Western Style 
  38. 신랑 
  39. 신방
    bridal room, bridal bed
  40. 신부
  41. 신행, 혼행
    going to the bride's or groom's house for the first time after the wedding
  42. 신혼여행
  43. 싸다
    to wrap, cover 
  44. 약혼; 약혼식
    engagement, engagement ceremony 
  45. 양가; 양가의 부모
    both families; parents of both families 
  46. 엮다 
    to plait, weave
  47. 예복
    ritual or formal costumes
  48. 예식장
    wedding hall
  49. 예전에는
    in the old days
  50. 오락 
    entertainment, amusement
  51. 요구하다
    to ask, request, demand
  52. 원삼
    name of a female royal costume, worn by the bride in a traditional wedding ceremony
  53. 음양
    Yin and Yang
  54. 의미
    meaning, sense
  55. 의식
     ceremony, ritual 
  56. 자개
  57. 자세히
    in detail
  58. 자손
  59.  잔치; 돌잔치; 환갑 잔치 
    feast, party; Korean 1st birthday party; 60th birthday party
  60. 잠자리; 잠자리에 들다 
    sleeping place, bed; to go to bed 
  61. 장난; 장난 있는 아이
    joke, prank, mischief; mischievous child 
  62. 장난 삼아; 장난 삼아 한 행동 
    for fun; behavior done for fun 
  63. 전달하다 
    to deliver
  64. 절; 절하다; 큰절 
    bow on one's knees; to make a bow; bow on a ceremonial occasion 
  65. 절차
    procedures, steps
  66. 점잖게
  67. 점쟁이 
  68. 제공하다
    to provide, give
  69. 조화; 조화를 이룬 배색
    harmony, accord, agreement; harmonious arrangement of colors 
  70. 족두리 
    crown-like headpiece, which goes with a traditional female ceremonial costume 
  71. 주로
    mainly, usually
  72. 중매; 중매쟁이; 중매결혼 
    matchmaking; matchmaker; arranged marriage
  73. 지다 
    to carry something on your back
  74. 차이; 세대 차이; 나이 차이
    gap, difference; generation gap; age difference
  75. 처녀
    unmarried woman, maiden, virgin 
  76. fabric, cloth
  77. 첫날밤
    first night as a married couple
  78. 청년
    youth, young people 
  79. 청실 
    blue thread 
  80. 청홍
    blue and red
  81. 총각
  82. 추하다; 추한 풍습 
    to be ugly; disgraceful customs 
  83. 치마 저고리 
    skirts and upper garments (for traditional Korean woman's costume)
  84. 치르다; 손님을 치르다; 값을 치르다
    to carry out, go through, to pay one's account; to hold a party; to pay the price
  85. 택일
    selection of a day for a ceremony
  86. 패다
    to beat a thing or person
  87. 폐백; 폐백실
    ceremony when the bride greets the groom's family; room for the ceremony
  88. 풍습
    manners and customs, practices
  89. 하룻밤
    one night
  90. 하인
  91. gift box for the bride
  92. 함진아비
    person who carries the gift box from the groom to the bride's family
  93. 합의하다
    to consent, agree
  94. 행례
    holding a marriage ceremony
  95. 혼례
    marriage ceremony
  96. 홍실
    red thread
  97. 후하다
    to be rich, hospitable
  98. 훔쳐보기 
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