Global Warming & climate change

  1. Global Warming is
    Climate change/observation that the earth's temperature has increased by ~.8degrees celsius in the last 100 years.
  2. Climate change
    significant and persistent change in statistical distribution of the state of the atmosphere or ocean
  3. A manifestation of climate change is:
    global warming
  4. Difference between climate and weather is
    -Clmate is the average state of the atmosphere or ocean, climate is what you expect, while weather is what you get.

    - weather is the state of atmosphere or ocean at a point in time. However weather is chaotic and cannot be predicted more than 2 weeks into the future.
  5. What is the Global Average Temperature
    it is a single temperature calculated by averaging earth's surface temperatures from stations all accross earth.
  6. anomaly
    departure from longterm average.
  7. Warmest period of last 100 years
    current one
  8. Signs of global warming
    • -decline in mountain glaciers/snow cover
    • -Reduction in Northern Hemisphere sea ice.
    • -troposhere warming, stratosphere cooling.
    • -increase in water content.
    • -Sea level rise.
    • - Higher energy/temperature content in oceans
  9. IMpacts of climate change
    More intense storms, drought, heat wave, ocean acidification, coral bleaching
  10. Loss of biodiversity
    this is also  an impact of climate change - thinner ice implies fewer places to rest and forces calves and their mothers to swim farther north. This exerts energy which puts them at a greater risk for starvation or predation for the calves.
  11. Has the global warming been uniform overall? Can all climate changes be attributed to global warming.
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