1.                          settlement house
       a community center where people could learn new skills and get help such as food and medicine
  2.                                      strike
          workers refusing to work until employers meet their commands
      a person who sets up and runs a business
  5.             transcontinental railroad 
         a railroad crossing the entire continent
  6.                              labor union
         a group of workers who join together to improve working condtions
  7.                           free enterprise 
          an economic sytem in which people are free to start and run there own businesses with limited goverment control
  8.                             tenement 
        poorly built apartments
  9.                             regulations 
         goverment controls that were placed to limit
  10.                   collective barganing
         this allows workers to dicuss and agree on working conditions
  11.                                  advertisment 
               a public announcement that tells people about a product or opportunity
  12.                        tohn phillip sousa
              immigrant who wrote the stars and stripes for ever
  13.                             mamie tape   
             a chinese girl whose fight to attend public school   led to a separation  for chinese children in san francisco
  14.     thedore judah
    an engineer who believed in the idea of building the transcotinential rairoad
  15.                           john d rockafellar 
               built oil  refineries and owned standard oil company
  16.                               big four  
        stanford , huntington,  hopkins , and crocker
  17.                                john roebling
           used steel cables and beams to build suspended bridges
  18.                      thomas edison 
            invented the fist practical light bulb 
  19.                       ellen gates and annie adams
               started hull  house , a settlement  in chicago
  20.                           samuel gompers
           labor leader who helped start the afl ( american fderation of labor)
  21.                         granville t woods
          improved air brake system to stop trains more effectively
  22.                     alexander graham bell
               invented the telephone
  23.                  andrew carnigie 
               buily steel mills and became very wealthy
  24.                          william jenney
               used steeel frames to construct much taller buildings
  25.                           lewis lattimer 
               invented improved light bulb filament and efficient way to produce it
  26.                                yee fung cheung
               skilled herbalist who came from china to california where he opened an herb shop
  27.                   sky scrapers
               very tall buildings
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