Student Questions1

  1. Arachnaophobia
    The fear of spiders
  2. Tetraphobia
    The fear of the number 4
  3. kinemortophobia
    The fear of zombies
  4. Aerophobia
    The fear of flying
  5. claustrophobia
    the fear of being trapped in small, confined spaces
  6. What was the caustic agaent in the book Alice in Deadland
    • A viruse created to transform US troops into super soldiers
    • the virus was the mutate tocreate a rage virus
    • chemical reaction causes an infection that spreaded
    • all of the above
  7. All the of the Following systems are affected except:
    (endocrine system is not affected)
  8. All of the following are sysmptoms except:
    Exception is Sleep Apnea
  9. All the following statements are true except:
    False: Vaccination fully prevents you from becoming a biter
  10. Which of the following is true:
    The biters have super human strength
  11. In the book, I am legend the indirect transmission of the disease was spread through which of the following:
    Dust storms
  12. What was the causative agaent that turned everyone into a vampire in the book I am legend
  13. What major body system was affected in the book I am legend
    Central nervous system
  14. What is scientific term when someone is afraid of lights
  15. What is the name of the book I (Brenda) read
    Zombies of all hallows evil
  16. Who is wade Davis:
    The scientist that researched zombies in haiti
  17. What did carl mean when he said I'm a Moon
    I'm Immune
  18. What 2 recipes were in my presentation
    One for zombie poison and one for its antidote
  19. Why is there a zombification law in haiti
    because voodoo scorerers turn people into zombies
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