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  1. It is impossible to explain gender without first understanding            because it is this that produces gender
    differences in the first place.
  2. What Primary agents
    of gender socialization did early sociology neglect to consider
    • A)   Family,
    • school, and church
  3.  Sets of behaviors that are expected of a person
    who occupies a status are called 
  4. A Social identity that is recognized by as meaningful by a society is called 
  5. What
    is the single best predictor of violent crime? 
  6. Whom does marriage
    benefit most according to studies?

    why children of homosexual parents are more likely to consider homosexual
    relationships although no more likely to identify themselves as gay “then are
    children of  heterosexual parents”
    •  Lack
    • of taboo and more open minded
  8. 1.    
    concept is defined as an organized collection of individuals and institutions
    bounded by space and a coherent territory, subject to the same political
    authority and organized through shared set of cultural expectation and values?
  9. 1.     What is different about a group
    from a crowd?
    • A)   A
    • group has cohesion
  10. 1.     Who coined the term “looking glass
    • A)   Charles
    • Horton Cooley
  11. 1.     What are the three elements of
    definition of gender from sociological perspectives?
    • A)   Identity,
    • interaction, and institution.
  12. What do data suggest
    about men and house work?
    • A)   Black
    • men do significantly more than white men
  13. What is the “problem” of daycare
    for children?
    • A)   There
    • is not enough of it and it isn’t affordable 
  14. How have rates of
    marital dissolutions in the United States changed in the last century?
    • A)   They
    • are nearly the same mortality (death) rates accomplished then what divorce does
    • now.
  15. 15. What best describes a role performance?
    • A)   The
    • particular emphasis or interpretation we give a role.
  16. What is a gendered society?
    • A)   It
    • is a reference to the organization of society that has evolved in ways to
    • reproduce. Both the difference between women and men and the domination of men
    • over women
  17. 1.     What is particular about girls in
    Freud’s account of the childhood sexual development?
    penis envy
  18. are behaviors that
    are oriented towards other people.
    Social interactions
  19. 1.     What is the first step for sociological
    • A)   Choosing
    • an issue
  20. 1.     How does divorce affect children?
    • A)   It
    • impairs them psychologically for many years.
  21. What does nature
    refer to?
    • A)   Our
    • biological makeup
  22. Who is the founder of psychoanalysis
    • A)   Sigismund
    • Freud
  23. 1.     How does joint custody affect
    • A)   It
    • is beneficial official to them.
  24. 1.     When a research collects data she
    or he must insure the data is which two things?
    • A)   Valid
    • and Reliable
  25. Did divorce reform help or harm
    women and why?
    • A)   It
    • helped women because it undermined men’s control over women and reduced gender
    • inequality in the family.
  26. 1.     Canadian’s men rates of childcare
    are about double the rates of men in the United States.
  27. 1.     According to Mead (me) is south as
  28. 1.     The body language is a form of
    non-verbal communication
  29. 1.     An example of  group conformity that many people experience
    is peer pressure
  30. 1.     Primary socialization occurs in
  31. What is the force
    that balances our drive for self-gratification and social rules known as
  32. 1.     Freud believed that sociological
    development of gender identity was based on 
    • A)   The
    • varying experience of socialization
  33. 1.     We know that male domination is not
    inevitable because
    • A)   Women
    • and men were traceable
  34. 1.     Explain why transsexuals often
    enact in exaggerated set of gender traits in their newly reconstructed
    biological sex?
    • A)   Because
    • gender largely about anatomy and gender identity.
  35. 1.     What does family values debate
    really stems from?
    • A)   A
    • quarrel with feminism, which is often wrongly blamed or credited with the entry
    • of women into the workplace
  36. 1.     Your textbook states that proposals
    for single sex schools are based innate differences between men and women.
  37. 1.     Your textbook states that proposals
    for single sex schools are based innate differences between men and women.
  38. 1.     Group membership provides us with a
    source of identity and also orients us in the world.
  39. 1.     Sociologists must strive to remain
    objective and avoid bias
  40. 1.     Sociologist stress nature as being
    primary in the determinate of who we are.
  41. 1.     An example of re-socialization
    could be new parents.
  42. 1.     Education helps to socialize people
    into a social class.

    1.     Gender socialization begins the
    moment babies are born.

    1.     Biological changes that occur in
    puberty are universal but the timing change depends on the culture and the time
  45. 1.     Outer social controls are our
    family, social institutions, authority figures, who influence us into obeying
    social rules.
  46. 1.     Explain how parents influence
    gender differences in their children.
    • A)   They
    • buy the toys, use the language, instill hopes, focus on looks, clothing,
    • avoidance of femininity in boys, crying, boy’s encouraged to be independent.
  47. In the production of
    gender differences and the reproduction of gender in-equality. Gender revolves
    around the themes of 
    • Identity,
    • interaction, and institution__.
  48. 1.     What is one way in which the few of
    rape by sociologist differs from the view by evolutionary biologists,
    anthropologists, and psychologists? 
    • A)   Sociologists
    • see rape as culturally legitimated and reproduced rather than as the product of
    • collection of sick and maladapted individuals.
  49. 1.     Explain how it’s not so much
    divorce that bad for children, but      that are
    bad for children.
    _great marital conflicts
  50. 1.     Behaviors that are oriented towards
    others are called.
    social interaction
  51. 1.     Social ___
    is a complex framework with both patterns social interaction and social
  52. 1.      How does asymmetry of gender roles
    construction show up in children’s play?
    • A)   There
    • are boys things that girls may do acceptably but by enlarge there is no
    • transfer the other way.
  53. 1.     The divide in sociological research
    is between what two forms of mythology?
    • A)   Qualitative
    • and Quantitative
  54. What is the process
    by which we have become aware of ourselves as part of a group learning how to
    communicate with others and the behavior expected of us known as 
  55. 1.     Secondary analysis is often cheaper
    and easier to do complete but you are completely dependent on the original
  56.  A correlation means that there is a
    direct cause and effect present
  57. The media does not fragment us into
    discrete sub-groups; instead it only brings us closer together around the
  58. 1.     What is the final step in research
    reporting the finals
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