1. In order for you to be permitted the audience of a beautiful woman to attempt to attract her you must first what? PP 5 
    You must first disqualify yourself from being considered a potential suitor by her 
  2. Preselection is defined as what PP 5
    Displaying other women to the target which often builds a jealousy plotline into your seduction 
  3. Define the word negging.  PP 6
    Negging is a subtle yet negative statement that puts your target off guard and makes her question her own value, increasing yours on a relative basis.
  4. Of the following three, which one has more attraction value to the average female? PP 8
    physical physique
    social value
    social value
  5. Define dynamic social homeostasis. PP 14
    Dynamic Social Homeostasis: When the two interests of protecting one's self from others and aligning with others are balanced.
  6. All humans possess a built-in motivation to stay away from people with what? PP 17
    low or negative social value.
  7. Define the levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs from bottom to top.  the bottom being the one that needs to be satisfied first. PP 18
  8. What is the rule to remember about logic PP 24
    Logic should never be used as a motivator in the field Because what woman think she likes or says she likes is not necessarily what she responds to in reality.
  9. The Venesian artist uses emotional stimulation instead of what? And why? PP 25 
    Venetian artist uses emotional stimulation instead of rational discourse. As long as it feels right, your romantic interest will invent her own interests for what is happening. 
  10. Engaging a woman on an emotional level even if it involves a bad emotion such as frustration or jealousy, is preferable to what? PP 25 
    Not engaging her all.
  11. A woman will observe your actions to see if you appeared congruent with what you're saying therefore _________ PP 26
    Women follow thier intuitions.
  12. When a woman says she hates something about you what is a good legitimate response? PP 27
    No, you don't; you are attracted to me. 
  13. A woman will rarely do anything during the pickup that makes her feel responsible for what may happen between the two of you.  She will  do anything to prevent being percieved negatively by her friends and will therefore maintain plausible deniability.  The basic rule is what? PP 28
    A woman will rarely do anything during the pick up that will maker her feel responsible for what may happen between the two of you. 
  14. Regarding interaction what must be remembered? PP 29

    For example if a woman feels bored what might happen? 
    Venetian artist must always be leading the interaction.

    If a woman feels bored she will blame it on you. This way she is never responsible for her actions and can avoid negative perception by her female peers. 
  15. Why is serendipity so romantic? PP 29
    Because, after all, if it was meant to be and how can it be her fault? Who is she to deny fate? Preserving her plausible deniability.
  16. Girls may test you to find out how easily you throwing the towel I want to gauger self-confidence why else would they do this? PP 29
    Because if she didn't resist you at least a little bit, she would feel like a slut, and that's not going to happen.
  17. What are some forms of investment? PP 31 
    • Physical,
    • Emotional, 
    • Time,
    • 'Effort, and
    • money. 
  18. Women tend to avoid discomfort complication this may seem like common sense, but these points are critical to achieving success in the game: What Are some general rules to remember PP 32 
    • Have a positive open attitude
    • Don't act as if things are big deal
    • Don't complain or be emotionallypunishing
    • If she flakes on you don't confront her about it the next time you see her. Are you the guy who sat around and got upset? Or are you Degeyter called over another girl and then forgot all about it? 
  19. Women are attracted to a lifestyle of fun and stimulation, therefore they are not attracted to just a "nice guy", and to avoid this fate you must do remember what qualities? PP 33
    • Fun: preferabl to being tough or too deep.
    • Unpredictable: familiarity breeds contempt.
    • Challenging: they value challenge.
    • Develop your social circles: Invest time and energy in developing it.
    • u
    • Passionate

    They value challenge. 
  20. Men seek more replication value than survival value from women, and therefore women seek more ______ value than __________value for men. PP 34 
    survival more than replication value from men. 
  21. As the Venetian artist proceeds with the pick up, he keeps validation and attention just slightly out of the targets reache. Why is this? PP 35 
    She is too easily acquired, that will quickly grow bored and lose interest. But likewise if he is completely unattainable, and she will also lose interest give up. Continually entice small increments 
  22. Nine times out of 10 when a woman says, I have a boyfriend, what does this translate to? PP 36
    You just telegraphed too much interest.     Whether she mentions him or not in no way proves that he actually exists -only that she had a motive to mention him. 
  23. The bottom line concerning a woman mentioning her boyfriend is what? PP 37 
    Don't ask about her boyfriend don't appear fazed if she mentions him, he may not even exist. Just take it as an instance of a lack of interest caused by you telegraphing too much interest far too soon. 
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