Animal Science Final 3

  1. Cattle, Swine, Sheep, Goats and Horses are all sources of what type of meat product?
    Red Meat
  2. Pultry is considered what type of meat product?
    White meat
  3. The top world leader in red meat supply is?
  4. The second world leader in red meat supply is?
  5. The most produced red meat is?
  6. The second most produced red meat product is?
  7. Veal is from?
    Calves less than three months of age
  8. Pork comes from?
  9. Chevon/Cabrito comes from what animal?
  10. Name the top three states for cattle slaughter:
    • 1. Nebraska
    • 2. Texas
    • 3. Kansas
  11. What are the three leading red meat packing plants?
    • 1. Tyson
    • 2. Cargill Meat Solutions
    • 3. JBS
  12. What are the top four states for Hog Slaughter:
    • 1. Iowa
    • 2. North Carolina
    • 3. Illinois
    • 4. Minnesota
  13. What are the top three states for sheep slaughter?
    • 1.Colorado
    • 2. Iowa
    • 3. Michigan
  14. True or False: Animals are transported to the packing plant alive and mobile?
  15. Carbon dioxide gas, captive bolt guns, and elecctricity are all ways to do what?
    Make an animal unconcious
  16. What arteries are severed to drain blood from the animal?
  17. The hide is left on for what animal during slaughter?
  18. The visceral head and other by products are called?
  19. Getting the blood drained quickly during slaughter helps build up what to give the meat a bright red color?
    Lactic Acid
  20. Fill,fatness,weight of hide, weight of wool, and muscle all affect what?
    Dressing Percentage
  21. The highest dressing percentage found is in what?
    Show Steers
  22. The average dressing percentage of hogs?
  23. The average dressing percentage of cattle?
  24. The average dressing percentage of sheep is?
  25. The average dresing percentage of gaots is?
  26. The sheep beats goats for dressing percentage because?
    Goats have more fill, and the sub-q fat of goats sticks to their hide
  27. How do we determine dressing percentage?
    Carcass weight/ Live weight x 100
  28. The three cuts we can breakdown a carcass into are:
    Primal Cuts, Wholesale Cuts, and Retail Cuts
  29. The primal Cuts for beef are: 
    Round, Loin, Rib and Chuck
  30. The primal cuts for lamb is:
    Shoulder, Breast, Rib, Loin, Leg
  31. The prima cuts for pigs are:
    Boston, Butt, Stomach, Shoulder and Loin
  32. True or False: In pork and beef carcasses are split, washed and then chilled folowing offal removal.
  33. Boxed beef, boxed pork, and boxed lamb are shipped from the packing plant as what type of cut?
    Retail Cuts
  34. Manyprocessing plants process carcasses into what meat cuts?
    Wholesale and Retail Cuts
  35. The what of lean meat determines nutritional value?
    Chemical Composition
  36. True or False: While animals age water and proein percentages increase while fat percentage decreases
    False: As animals age fat percentages increase while water and protein percentages decrease
  37. What is a disease that comes from anaerobic bacteria?
  38. Name the four types of fat.
    Intermuscular, Intramuscular, Subcutaneous, and Internal Fat
  39. Tendons that attatch muscle to the bone are considered?
    Connective Tissue
  40. Terminal  are determined on a?
    Carcass merit basis
  41. Terminal markets are the first/last stop before going to die?
  42. When high levels of progesterone are seen this means what is present?
    A corpus leuteum
  43. What is the pregnancy hormone?
  44. When progesterone falls you have a rise in what?
    Estrogen and LH
  45. Estrus is?
    Standing Heat or the period of sexual receptivity
  46. Estrous is?
    21 day reproductive cycle
  47. The hormone ,GnRH or gonadotropin-releasing hormone, controls what?
    Released in pressence of estrogen and stimulates the release of FSH and LH
  48. FSH, or follicle stimulating hormone, controls what?
    Follicle development and formation
  49. LH or leutenizing hormone, controls what?
    Ovulation and CL formation
  50. An LH surge initiates what?
  51. The CL produces what hormone?
  52. PGF2a, goes in and drops_______ destroying the________?
    Progesterone, CL
  53. Ludalace is used as a ________ drug and works the same as _______?
    Abortion, PGF2a
  54. Cidr stands for?
    controlled intravaginal device release
  55. The time between fertilization and partuition is called?
    Gestation period
  56. Every _____hours a division of the fertilized egg occurs.
  57. After 45 days in cattle body parts and organs form and the embryo is now called?
    A fetus
  58. The outer shell of an embryo is called?
    Zona Pellucida
  59. Oxytocin causes what?
    Contractions and milk let down
  60. The gestation length of cattle is?
    283 days
  61. The gestation length of pigs is?
    114 days
  62. The gestation length of sheep and goats is?
    148-152 days
  63. What hormone released by the fetus innitiates partuition?
  64. Calf pullers, Cesarean section, and wire saw foetotomy are used when?
    The calf is stuck or in improper placement
  65. Cesarean section is used to save calf/cow?
  66. Wire saw foetotomy is used to save calf/cow?
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