1. Cushings
    is a disorder caused by excessive production of the hormone cortisol by the adrenal glands
  2. Cortisol
    is needed for normal body function and is regulated by the pituitary glad. When the body needs more it sends a signal to the adrenal glad (ACTH) to start producing cortisol. Once desired level is reached, ACTH prduction is stopped which signals the adrenals to stop production. Dogs with cushings, the off switch does not function properly.
  3. The three types of cushings are:
    • 1. Adrenal dependent
    • 2. Pituitary dependent
    • 3. Iatrogenic
  4. Adrenal dependent cushings:
    Caused by an adrenal tumor on one or both glands. Counld be cancerous or benign. Surgery is needed to correct the problem.
  5. Pituitary dependent cushings:
    Tumor in the pituitary glad causing excessive ACTH hormone. Occurs in about 90% of cases and is well controlled by drugs.
  6. Iatrogenic Cushings
    Is caused by excessive cortisone given to the dog orally or injected. Will resolve as soon as the cortisone stops.
  7. Clinical Signs
    • 1. middle age to older dogs
    • 2. Breed dispositions include poodles, dachshunds, Boston terriers and boxers
    • 3. P/U, P/D, pendulous abdomen, hair loss, weakness. Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase
    • 4. Recurrent infections are common
  8. Diagnosis
    ACTH and/or LDDS and/or untrasound
  9. Prognosis, pituitary dependent
    Good. Treated with Lysodren and Trilostane. Drugs start high and move to less frequent dosing.
  10. Adrenal Dependent Prognosis
    Can be cured through surgical removal of affected gland(s). If tumor is malignant or non-removable, poor.
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