1. How do you find the vertical Asymptote of a quotient function?
    Set denominator equal to zero & solve
  2. What does a vertical Asymptote mean?
    The limit as x goes to the vertical Asymptote approaches positive or negative infinity
  3. What does EATS DC stand for? And What is it used for?
    Exponents the same, Divide coefficients. The Horizontal Asymptote is Ax2/Bx2 = A/B
  4. What does BOTN stand for? What is it used for?
    Finding Horizontal Asymptotes. Bigger on Top, None Asymptote
  5. What does BOBO mean? And What is it for?
    • Bigger on bottom y = 0
    • Horizontal Asymptotes
  6. How do you find the Horizontal Asymptote of a quotient function?
    • BOBO: Bigger on bottom y = 0
    • BOTN: Bigger on Top, None
    • EATS DC: Exponents the same, compare coefficients
  7. What are coefficients?
    • ax2+bx..
    • a and b are the coefficients
  8. What is the limit of cos(infinity)?
  9. How do you make a split function continuous?
    Set limits at point to be continous at equal
  10. What is the tangent line formula?
    y-y0 = m(x-x0)
  11. What is `m` equal to in the tangent line formula?
    The first derivative
  12. What are parametric curves?
    • A line, where x and y are dependent on some other variable, t.
    • IE: (x,y) = ( f(t) , g(t) )
  13. What makes a function differentiable?
    The slope from left and right are equal!
  14. What is the rate of angular momentum?
    Change in momentum over change in time
  15. What is the unit for angular momentum?
    kg * m2/s2
  16. What is Torque in terms of angular momentum?
    Rate of change of angular momentum
  17. How do you know if a function is odd?
    f(-x) = -f(x)
  18. How do you know if a function is even?
    f(-x) = f(x)
  19. What trick is useful when finding integrals of even/odd functions on interval -A to +A?
    • Odd functions = 0
    • Even functions are twice the integral from 0 to +A
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