Con. Beh. FINAL ch 14

  1. Purchase involvement
    • level of concern for or interest in the purchase process
    • triggered by need to consider a particular purchase
  2. Nominal Decision making
    • no decision needed
    • already know what they are purchasing
    • brand loyalty: always buy same brand
    • repeat purchases: bought before so buys it again
  3. Limited Decision making
    • limited amout of search needed to make decision
    • middle group between nominal and extended
    • involves recognizing problem which there are several possible solutions
  4. Extended Decision making
    • high purchase involvement
    • lots of research done
    • big ticket ($$$) items
    • doubts likely to take place after purchase
  5. Active problem (consumer problem)
    • consumer is aware of or will become aware of in mormal course of events
    • you know you have a problem
  6. Inactive problem (consumer problem)
    • the consumer is not aware of the problem
    • company needs to tell you that you have a problem
    • ex: "have wrinkles? get this product"
  7. Discovering problems problems (markeing strategy)
    • activity analysis
    • product analysis
    • problem analysis
  8. Activity Analysis
    focuses on a particular activity to determine what problems consumer encounter during the performance of the activity
  9. Product Analysis
    • examines the purchase or use of a particular product or brand
    • consumers may be asked about problems associated with using a product or brand
  10. Problem Analysis
    starts with a problem and askes which activities, products, or brands are associated with those problems (cause or eliminate)
  11. Responding to Consumer Problem
    • developing a new peoduct or altering an existing one
    • modifying channels of distribution
    • changing pricing policy
    • revising advertising strategy
  12. Helping Consumer Recognize Problems
    • generic problem recognition: many brands can fix it "got milk?"
    • selective problem recognition: only one brand can fix problem "this product is better than all of the rest"
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