1. Mike: Hold it! Hold it - hold it...
  2. Mike: Well! I think you put on weight! They paroled me three months ago - been looking for you everywhere.
    This your place?
  3. Mike: My place!
    When did you move in here?
  4. Mike: I - er - about a month ago.
    Photography! Who taught you all this?
  5. Mike: State of New York.
    You're kidding!
  6. Mike: Rehabilitation - it's the new thing for first offenders.
    What do you do? Cheesecake? . . . Pin-ups?
  7. Mike: And all that.
    And all that! I always wanted to be a photographer. How much do you make?
  8. Mike: I do all right.
    You always had the luck. Some jail they sent you to!
  9. Mike: Didn't they teach you a trade inside?
    Oh sure. . . L and L four hours a day.
  10. Mike: L and L. . . ?
    Laundry and latrines. . . I'm the new Mr. Clean. Hey! You're not married, are you?
  11. Mike: Hell no! She just comes in to. . .
    To what?
  12. Mike: . . . to clean up.
    She does more than that! Lisa?
  13. Mike: Lisa! In a dump like this?
    Seen her yet?
  14. Mike: Not a trace.
    but you have looked.
  15. Mike: You bet I've looked. She owes me two grand.
    Me too. Promised she'd double it for me by the time I got out. Instead she takes off. I'll kill her!
  16. Mike: You couldn't kill anybody. Least of all Lisa...
    So, where's the action?
  17. Mike: What action?
    Like you said in your message. "If you want a quick and easy grand. . ." So - that's what I want.
  18. Mike: "If you want a quick and easy grand come to 27B Grogan Street at nine exactly - door's open...."
    Only next time phone me yourself. If you'd popped out of there a second sooner you'd have caught this in your teeth. You did send that message? . . . No? . . . You got the same message?
  19. Mike: Just liike that. Then he hung up.
    Who hung up?
  20. Mike: Search me. Thoguht it must be from you.
    And all this? . . . Go on then - say it! This isn't your place. And you're flat broke! You - you're not even a photographer!
  21. Mike: I'm worse than broke. I owe eight hundred to a loan shark and I'm a month behind with the interest.
    Ooo! - That's bad!
  22. Mike: So, if you could stake me for say - two-fifty? . . . If I don't come up with some "juice" by Monday they're taking me to the dentist.
    Two-fifty he says! And I haven't eaten since I came out. How mcuh for this?
  23. Mike: Cameras! You can't give 'em away.... So who lives here?
    Give me a few minutes - I'll find something. [Opens the fridge.] Now what have we here? Enough cold cuts for a long weekend - 
  24. Mike: Don't!
    Hey! The photographer is crafty! Keeps a twenty back of the freezer!
  25. Mike: So leave it there. And leave that alone... Then who does live here?
    Now if I can just find where they hide the mustard...
  26. Mike: And who did send that message?
    Strange how you degenerate as soon as you're free. In stir I can guzzle any slop they dish out. And now I can't find the mustard and I get the shakes!
  27. Mike: What did he sound like?
    I got it. I got it! What did who sound like?
  28. Mike: the joker who phoned.
    Some kind of foreigner. Five to one it was a put-on...
  29. Mike: Where were you when he phoned?
    My usual place - and you?
  30. Mike: My usual place.
  31. Mike: So?
  32. Mike: It's got to be Lisa. Who else knows where to find us?
    What's through there?
  33. Mike: Bedroom and bathroom.
    Another entrance?
  34. Mike: No. Bars on the windows just like these.
    I wonder if this place is bugged! Lisa!
  35. Mike: Sh- shut up!
    Come out, come out from wherever you are!
  36. Roat: ... And seeing as it's a little damp and a bit cheesy . . . a dollar seventy-five and I'll be on my way.
    Let's have the message - and then take that stinking thing out of here!
  37. Roat: But it's a grand name, don't you think? Good old Mike Talman! Don't you think it suits him fine... Sergeant Carlino?
    Sergeant - who?
  38. Roat: And you will be Sergeant Carlino.
    Hey, come on, who the hell are you?
  39. Roat: I am Harry Roat Junior and Senior - from Scarsdale.
    Okay, Mister Roat Junior and Senior - the message and out!
  40. Roat: Finally she got bored with them - made an anonymous phone call to the police and then disappeared, taking their loot with her. As they say there's no one quite so gullible as a con man in love.
    Who sent you here? . . . And who are you?
  41. Mike: If Lisa told you all that, why isn't she here?
    Where is she?
  42. Roat: We are now all working for Lisa.
    You said on the phone - a quick and easy grand.
  43. Mike: Plus the two thousand each that Lisa already owes us.
    Roat: You shall have it.
  44. Mike: So when do we see her?
    Roat: Tomorrow night - with the merchandise . . . . Well?
    Look - we don't even talk till we get two-fifty each -
  45. Roat: Lisa told me to give you five hundred each and the balance on delivery. Any objection? But first - may we have weapons on the table?
    Search me, I'm clean.
  46. Roat: Your brass-knuckles?
    What brass knuckles?
  47. Roat: I your right pocket... I cannot negotiate in an atmosphere of mistrust... And your little razor-blade, Mr. Talman.
    And how do you protect yourself?
  48. Roat: Geraldine protects me. Isn't she beautiful?
    What does she do?
  49. Mike: Then may we have Geraldine on the table too?
    Roat: We may not.
    Why the hell not?
  50. Roat: ... And the was most sympathetic. But before he had time to deliver it, Lisa arrived at this apartment herself and asked for it. And then, much to her surprise - he just couldn't find it.
    What do you mean - he couldn't find it?
  51. Roat: Just under two pounds.
    Mike: Allow eight ounces for the music box . . !
    That's a lot of "horse!"
  52. Mike: Is this the real stuff . . . pure heroin?
    Roat: Nothing has ever been so pure.
    That'll be worth over fifty grand. Do you push it yourself?
  53. Roat: . . . They walked to a movie where he left his wife and then he went on to his studio where he is still waiting. . .
    Now hold it! Are you getting any of this.
  54. Mike: Sure. Just pay attention.
    Well, I'm lost!
  55. Me: Well, I'm lost!
    Mike: So listen!
    Look - Mr. Roat. I'm a first grade drop-out. Just give it to me like A-B-C. . . Lisa wants to get them out of here so she can come in and really go through this place. Right?
  56. Me: . . . Lisa wants to get them out of here so she can come in and really go through this place. Right?
    Roat: That is correct.
    So right now the wife is watching a movie and the photographer is at his studio waiting for some Italian broad who doesn't even exist. How long is he going to wait?
  57. Mike: So Lisa has been in here already tonight?
    Roat: Yes. And she searched everywhere and still couldn't find it.
    So she searched everywhere? How did she open this?
  58. Roat: Lisa looked. She found the key on the ledge just above it.
    And this?
  59. Mike: Well? Does Lisa know about this safe?
    Roat: She does. . . and that's why you're here.
    Well - this is a bit out of our line but - okay, we'lll make the photographer open it when he gets back here. . . . But luck - we aren't squeamish, Mr. Roat . . . are you?
  60. Roat: I am. And that is not  why you're here. Suppose - after some persuasion - he did unlock the safe and it wasn't there? Then what?
    The doll's in that safe - give you five to one.
  61. Roat: She said - "Don't let them twist any arms and you're not to steal anything. . . let the wife find the doll - and give it to you. . . of her own free will.
    Well - this is like old times. So we con 'em out of it! You betta find out all you can about this guy. What's his name again?
  62. Mike: Hendrix - Sam Hendrix . . . flew to Montreal . . . last Monday. Returned New York . . . yesterday.
    Hey! And look what I can see - right by the parking lot!
  63. Me: Hey! And look what I can see - right by the parking lot!
    Mike: What?
    A phone booth!
  64. Me: A phone booth!
    Mike: Great! And two blinds. Which gives us nine signals.
  65. Me: Six.
    Mike: Nine.
    Up - open and down. Three two's are six.
  66. Mike: It's three squared, you fink!
    Roat: Now you've left me behind.
    Just a little system of ours. One of us goes zonk-zonk. . . And then the phone rings. Just leave this to us, Mr. Roat.
  67. Roat: . . . Now make a note of this number. And there's some information on that wall, Mike.
    When do we start all this? Tonight?
  68. Roat: Lisa?
    Mike: Lisa. All those little details about how she worked...
    And about us.
  69. Me: And about us.
    Mike: You see, we know Lisa very well...
    Yeah, and she would never give you anything...
  70. Mike: Flip it! Why don't you sit down, Mr. Roat?
    Roat: Thank you.
  71. Mike: Come on!
    Roat: You're already involved - aren't you?
    I can prove wehre I was when this happened.
  72. Roat: ...By the way I am not on parole and no policeman has ever heard of me.
    But someone must have seen you with her somewhere. . .
  73. Roat: Never. I've followed her several times but we never actually met until she walked in there tonight.
    All that stuff about us . . . she told you all that tonight?
  74. Roat: Sorry, Mike - but you were both so highly recommended. I need you.
    Well, that's just too bad! - And now you've got a body in there and you are stuck with it. [To Mikes:] Let's go.
  75. Roat: . . . Now, one - get her out of here. Roll her up in this - and dump it where I found it, and then meet me in the Volkswagen.
    Look - just let us out of this?
  76. Roat: Less this five hundred, of course.
    Mike: But things have changed since then.
  77. Susy: O come on . . . I know you're there. . . you can't fool me, you know.
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