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  1. What helps emulsify fat?
  2. A common neoplasm of cats is
    Renal lymphosarcoma
  3. Total bilirubin, TP and Ap are all measured in what blood profile?
  4. Viruses may posses one of __ different genomic structures.
  5. An appropriate chemical to disinfect stainless steel is
  6. The purpose of an aluminum fliter in an x-ray machine is to
    remove the long wavelength x-rays from the x-ray beam
  7. Average water content in canned food is?
  8. A trace mineral that is an essential part of vitamin B12 is
  9. An ultrasonic cleaner is how many more times effective than manual cleaning of intruments?
    16 times
  10. When positioning a horse in lateral recumbancy for surgery, it is important to pull the
    Down foreleg forward to enhance circulation
  11. What is a common sign of acetaminophen toxicity?
  12. Infections with Hitoplasma or Balantidium organisims can be identified using what technique?
    Rectal mucosal scraping
  13. The Baermann technique is used for recovery of?
    Lungworm larvae
  14. Candida albicans is a yeast that
    Can grom on some bacteriological media that can cause opportunistic infections
  15. The test of choice for assessing whether animals have exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is
  16. Samples for virology testing may include what?
    Frozen serum samples
  17. What disinfectant is toxic to cats?
  18. The degree of overall blackness ona radiograph is termed
  19. The purpose of the time-gain compensation is to
    Adjust the brightness of the image
  20. What is the best feeding method for puppies that are growing?
    Food-restricted meal feeding
  21. Ruminants use nonprotien nitrogen (NPN) through
    Microbial fermentation in the rumen
  22. What is the HEPA filter?
    High efficiency particulate air
  23. In lizards and turtles, IM injections are best given in the
    Front Leg
  24. Antitoxin and antiserum vaccins create
    Passive immunity
  25. This is not an accurate sterilization monitor
    Sterilization tape
  26. By visual inspection, malnutrition or emaciation in cattle may be difficult to detect in
    fully haired animals
  27. The normal bite of a dog is called?
    Scissor bit
  28. The vertical column of a cat is?
    C7 T13 L7 S3 Cd 21-23
  29. What term describes cells as having spiny projections around the margin and is often a reult of slow drying of the blood film?
  30. What is not a zoonotic parasite?
    Gasterophilus spp.
  31. What test is considered to be a very specific test for all forms of liver disease in most species?
    Bile Acids
  32. In what species does IgG antibody cross the placental barrier?
  33. The use of ___ on a contaminated would may result in the formation of a coagulum.
  34. The transducer needs crystals that can trasform electrical eneergy into sound, etc. The effect exhibited by these crystals in
  35. Anti ulcer drugs do not decrease the pH in the stomach. True or False?
  36. Anal sacs are expressed to
    instill medication in diseased anal sacs
  37. What condtion would indicate the needs for pericardiocentesis?
    Pericardial tamponade
  38. The guilt phase of grieving
    INhibits progress towards resolution
  39. What is the strong protective covering of the heart?
    Parietal pericardium
  40. What intracellular parasite appears fairly large, paired, and teardrop shaped?
    Babesia canis
  41. An example of a noninflammatory, nonneoplastic lesion is
  42. Common name for ascarid is
  43. What pair of electrolytes has an inverse relationship?
    Calcium and phosphorus
  44. How long do viral samples survive whithout refridgeration?
    3 weeks
  45. Which antibody class is produced during the secondary immune response?
  46. To increase radiographic detail or definition
    Increase the source image distance
  47. The order of stages of the estrous cycle is
    Proestrus, estrus, metestrus, anestrus
  48. What is an acceptable bedding for lab animals?
    Cedar chips
  49. The normal gastrointestional flora of psittacines include
    predominantly gram-positive bacteria
  50. The goal of antimicrobial therapy is
    to kill microorganisms in the host without killing the host
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