urbanism final I

  1. Two rules of affordable housing
    • 1. shouldn't look any different on the outside compared to market rate housing
    • 2.don't build in large concentrated quantities (need mixed income neighborhoods)
  2. Andres Duany 
    • created smartcode planning 
    • seaside, FL. 
    • narrow roads & front porches 
  3. Barriers to Affordable living 
    • low density
    • exclusionary zoning 
    • subdivision controls 
    • outdated codes 
  4. barriers to regional planning 
    • municipalities working at a regional scale are rare
    • not favorable 
    • only focus on one single factor 
  5. downtown renewal 
    cities try to become moew suburban because they are accessible and convinient 
  6. Eight Steps to regional planning 
    • 1.growth will always happen 
    • 2.establish a permanent countryside preserve 
    • 3. establish a temporary countryside reserve 
    • 4.designate the corridors 
    • 5. establish priority development sectors
    • 6. establish proactive permitting process for developmennt that follows the neighborhood model 
    • 7. designate all other types of development as districts 
    • 8. fairly distribute the LULU's 
  7. food vendors in public spaces 
    • attract people & help them stay longer 
    • helps detract crime 
  8. geographic challanges of the suburbs 
    • reliant on automobile 
    • cost of driving
  9. granny cottages/flata 
    • second dwelling unit made on a lot with an already existing house 
    • didn't become as favorable in modern times 
  10. house sizes in the suburbs
    typically larger in the suburbs and utilities are costly 
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