Mendelian Genetics

  1. True or False:
    Organsisms can only transmit the hereditary characteristics to their offspring that they express.
    • False:
    • Organsisms can transmit hereditary characteristics to their offspring that they themselves do not express
  2. Some characteristics are more replated to the __ than to __.
    __ vs. __
    • environment
    • hereditary
    • nature 
    • nurture
  3. Who is the father of genetics?
    Gregor Mendel
  4. What are true breeding parents called?
    P generation
  5. If a true breeding purple flower mates with a true breeding white flower, what is the F1 result, considering that purple is dominant?
    What will this result in for hte F2 generation?
    • purple
    • 3 purple: 1 white
  6. heritable factor?
  7. Mendel reasoned that there are alternative versions of genes that account for variations in inherited characters. 
    These alternative versions of a gene are called __.
  8. How did Mendel come to the conclusion that purple was the dominant allele?
    Since F1 plants had informaiton for both colors and F1 were all purple
  9. How many alleles are inherited from each parent?
    Where are they present on?
    • one from each parent
    • homologous chromosomes
  10. PP
    homozygous dominant
  11. Pp 
  12. pp
    homozygous recessive
  13. combination of alleles
  14. appearance of an organism
  15. In somatic cells, how many alleles are present?
  16. In gametes, how many alleles are present?
    • one
    • meiosis
  17. What signifies if an allele isnt known?
  18. To determine the genotype of an individual that looks dominat, what cross do we perform?
    • test cross
    • unknown dominant looking organism x recessive
  19. In some cases, where two different control a characteristic, one allele is not dominant over the other. In this case, when both alleles appear in the same individual, the individual may have a phenotype that is __. This is called __/
    • intermediate between the two alleles
    • intermediate inheritance/ incomplete dominance
  20. How do we write incomplete dominance?
    • EX:
    • Snapdragons are red and white:
    • Genotypes: CR CW
  21. Where are antigens located?
    on the cell surface
  22. Each antibody has __ antigen binding sites, enabling __.
    • two
    • agglutination
  23. What are the alleles for blood type?
    • IA
    • IB

  24. What is the genotype for A, B, AB, and O?
    • A: IAIA or IAi
    • B: IBIB or IBi
    • AB: IAIB
    • O: ii
  25. What are autosomes?
    homologous pairs of chromosomes
  26. What are the sex chromosomes?
    X, Y
  27. How many autosomes and sex chromosomes do you have?
    • twenty two autosomes
    • one sex chromosome
  28. Genes (alleles) that are on hte X chromosome (are/are not) on the Y chromosome
    This is called __.
    • are not
    • sex linked
  29. X- linked recessive traits are more common among __.
  30. The carrier female of an X-linked recessive trait in a female is __?
    • heterozygote
    • normal phenotype
    • can pass trait to sons
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