Econ FINAL part 5b

  1. Mexican revolution made Mexico more progressive than rest of Latin America.  Why?
    • land redistribution helped equality
    • more social spending on things such as education
    • more political stability
    • low military spending
  2. When did NAFTA start?
    January 1, 1994
  3. Tequila Effect
    • investors pulled $ out of Mexico and other Latin American countries
    • lots of panic
    • "hot money"
  4. Politial party that led Mexico for 70 years
  5. What party took over after PRI?
  6. Problems during President Fox's administration
    • not able to pass major reforms
    • suffered due to US recession
    • hard time competing with Chinese cheap wages/labor
  7. Mexico's long term strengths
    • strong mexican companies
    • attractive location for DFI
    • human development acheivement
    • more democtacy
  8. Mexico's long term weaknesses
    • too dependent on foreign financing
    • too dependent on foreign companies and imported products
    • oil dependence
    • income inequality
    • violence and drug trade
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Econ FINAL part 5b
Econ FINAL part 5b