main event entrees

  1. baby back ribs
    • half or full rack of tender baby back ribs
    • seasoned fries 7 oz and cole slaw
  2. baby back ribs and chicken platter
    • half rack of ribs 
    • 4 crispy chicken breast tenders
    • seasoned fries cole slaw 
    • honey mustard sauce dip
  3. flat iron steak
    sliced flat iron steak layered on a stack of fresh garlic fries and drizzled with tangy bbq sauce
  4. cowboy burger
    • hearty burger 
    • topped with onion rings
    • melted cheddar cheese
    • applewood smoked bacon on a toasted bun with zesty bbq sauce 
    • lettuce tomato onion and pickles
    • seasoned fries and cole slaw
  5. mushroom swiss burger 
    • seasoned beef patty 
    • sauteed fresh mushrooms
    • swiss cheese 
    • lettuce tomato red onions , pickles
    • seasoned fries 
    • cole slaw
  6. bacon cheeseburger
    • seasoned beef patty 
    • cheddar cheese 
    • cristpy strips of applewood smoked bacon 
    • lettuce tomato onions pickles 
    • seasoned fries 
    • cole slaw
  7. southwest grilled chicken sandwich
    • grilled chicken breast on a toasted bun
    • topped with pepperjack cheese 
    • applewood smoked bacon 
    • lettuce tomato, red onion pickles 
    • chipotle ranch
    • seas fries 
    • cole slaw
  8. classic cheeseburger
    • seeson beef patty 
    • griddle toasted bun with cheddar cheese
    • lettuce
    • tomatoes 
    • red onions pickles 
    • seas fries 
    • cole slaw
  9. classic sliders
    • four mini burgers 
    • garnished with cheddar cheese
    • red onions
    • pickles 
    • dijon sauce (mayo and dijon mustard)
    • seas fries and cole slaw
  10. chicken tenders
    • crispy chicken breast strips 
    • with seasoned fries 
    • cole slaw
    • honey mustard sauce for dipping
  11. cheese pizza
    7" individual 
  12. pepperoni pizza
    7" individual 
  13. cheeseburger
    • jr sized beef patty on a griddle toasted bun 
    • american cheese
    • lettuce tomato 
    • picles 
    • red onions
    • french fries or fruit cup
  14. hot dog
    all beef hot dog on toasted bun and choice of french fries or fruit cup
  15. kids chicken fingers
    • three golden brown chicken breast strips served with honey mustard for dipping
    • french fries or fruit cup
  16. strawberry banana smoothie
    strawberries blended with bananas
  17. wild berry limeade smoothie 
    • vanilla yogurt with strawberries
    • raspberries and blackberries plus lime juice
  18. fruit passion smoothie 
    strawberries combo with guava and mango
  19. cookies and cream smoothie
    • vanilla ice cream
    • blended with chocolate syrup and chocolae cookies 
  20. dessert bites
    • six pieces each of double choclate brownies and banans foster with chocolate sauce for dipping
    • and they can be sub all 6 of one bites 
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