Kidney Terms

  1. What do kidneys do?
    Constantly filter the blood to remove waste products and excess water. 
  2. Renal
    Pertaining to the kidneys
  3. Renal Cortex
    This is the outer region of the kidney

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  4. Medulla 
    This is the inner region of the kidney 

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  5. Nephron
    Functional unit of the kidney that form urine by the processes of filtration, reabsorption, and secretion. 

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  6. What is reabsorption in the nephron?
    This is the return to the blood of some of the substances that were removed during filtration.
  7. What does each nephron contain?
  8. What is Glomerulus?
    It is a cluster of capillaries surrounded by a cup-shaped membrane called the Bowman's capsule

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  9. Where does blood enter the kidney through?
    Blood enters the kidney through the renal artery and flows into the nephron.

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  10. Renal pelvis
    This is surrounded by renal cortex + renal medulla, and is where the newly formed urine collects before it flows into the ureters. 

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  11. Ureters
    This transport urine from the kidney to the bladder

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  12. Urinary bladder
    A hollow muscular organ that is reservoir for urine before it is excreted from the body 

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  13. Urethra
    The tube extending from the bladder to the outside of the body
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