Anatomy lab test 3

  1. External jugular vein
    large blue veins up side of neck, from brachiocephalic
  2. brachiocephalic vein
    drains subclavians and external jugulars into cranial vena cava
  3. brachiocephalic artery
    off aorta, branches into R subclavian and R and L common carotids
  4. Right subclavian artery
    branches off brachiocephalic artery after common carotids, turns into axillary
  5. Right subclavian vein
    drains axillary vein into brachiocephalic vein (where meets up with jugular)
  6. Left subclavian artery
    branches off aorta to turn into axillary
  7. left subclavian vein
    branches off brachiocephalic vein where jugular comes off
  8. axillary artery
    branch off subclavians and lead to brachials (where subscapular comes off)
  9. axillary vein
    drains brachial and subscapular veins into subclavian
  10. brachial vein
    drains arm into axillary (where subscapular meets)
  11. brachial artery
    branches off axillary where subscapular comes off
  12. subscapular artery
    branches off where axillary becomes brachial
  13. subscapular vein
    drains arm into axillary vein where it meets brachial
  14. right and left common carotid arteries
    branch off brachiocephalic before it boecomes subclavian.  Go up throat by exernal jugulars. 
  15. Cephalic vein
    seen in arm where brachioradialis is
  16. External iliac vein
    Large vein in leg between common iliac and femoral (between where internal iliac and deep femoral branch off)
  17. internal iliac vein
    first inside branch off common iliac vein (where it turns into external iliac)
  18. Common iliac veins
    Drain legs, meet up to become caudal vena cava
  19. Azygous vein
    joins crainial vena cava at level of heart to drain intercostals.  Runs up dorsal spine area
  20. Cranial vena cava
    drains top part of body: fed by azygous and brachoicephalics
  21. abdominal aorta
    artery that runs down center of body below diaphragm
  22. Portal vein
    Runs through liver, alongside bile duct
  23. Common bile duct
    runs from gallbladder to intestines, found just under liver
  24. celiac artery
    first branch of abdominal aorta.  Leads to splenic, hepatic and left gastric
  25. cranial mesenteric artery
    second branch off abdominal aorta.  Leads to upper part of mesentery
  26. Renal arteries and veins
    from abdominal aorta or caudal vena cava to kidneys
  27. Caudal mesenteric artery
    fourth major branch off of abdominal aorta.  Leads into lower intestines
  28. External iliac artery
    first, larger branch of abdominal aorta in pelvic region.  Turns into femoral after deep femoral branches off
  29. Internal iliac artery
    second major fork in pelvic region
  30. Medial saphenous vein
    continuation of femoral vein into leg
  31. saphenous artery
    continuation of femoral artery
  32. deep femoral artery
    first large branch into inner thigh after big pelvic branch
  33. Cat incisors
    tiny front teeth
  34. Cat canines
    big sharp teeth
  35. cat premolars
    Start with P2 on top !  P2, P3, P4 (carnassial).  2, 3 on bottom
  36. Cat molars
    1 tiny one on top, one big one on bottom (M1=carnassial on bottom)
  37. carnassial teeth
    shearing.  P4, M1
  38. crown of tooth
    visible part
  39. neck of tooth
    where it meets the bone
  40. enamel
    what a tooth is covered with
  41. Cardia of stomach
    Very top part, by cardiac sphincter
  42. fundus
    part of stomach that goes above cardia
  43. body of stomach
    part that curves down
  44. pyloric antrum
    part of stomach leading into pyloric sphincter
  45. pyloris
    part of stomach leading into intestines. 
  46. Mesentery
    part holding intestines together (inside)
  47. omentum
    fatty blanket over intestines
  48. duodenum
    first part of intestines.  L-curve
  49. pancreas
    runs alongside stomach on the outside, near intestines.  Cobblestones
  50. jejunum
    second, twisty part of intestines. 
  51. ileum
    third, twisty part of small intestine.  Ends at cecum
  52. Cecum
    blind pouch at end of ileum.  Probably on the lower right.  Where colon begins
  53. Colon
    • large intestine--has three parts: Ascending
    • transverse
    • descending
  54. lobes of liver
    left lateral, right lateral, left medial, right medial, quadrate, caudate
  55. gall bladder
    green part of liver, tucked up inside
  56. spleen
    bumpy tissue on the left side of cat, against intestines. 
  57. anal glands
    at 4 and 8 o'clock around anus
  58. nasal philtrum
    lip-and-nose separator
  59. nostrils
    holes for air to get in
  60. thyroid cartilege
    at top of trachea--triangular shield
  61. trachea
    ringed tube down throat.  Branches at bifurcation
  62. bifurcation of main bronchus
    where trachea splits into 2 lungs
  63. visceral pleura
    layer that lays over lungs
  64. lobes of lungs
    left cranial (cranial and caudal parts), left caudal, right cranial, right middle, right caudal, accessory (on right)
  65. pulmonary veins
    where blood returns to heart from lungs
  66. kidneys
    bean-shaped retroperitoneal organs
  67. retroperitoneal
    outside of the body-sac.  Kidneys
  68. cranial and caudal poles of kidneys
    top and bottom of the bean
  69. hilus of kidney
    dip in middle bean where ureter enters
  70. ureters
    carry urine from renal pelvis to bladder
  71. renal pelvis
    hole inside of kidney where urine collects
  72. cortex of kidney
    outer section of inside of bean
  73. medulla
    inner section of inside of bean, to renal pelvis
  74. urinary bladder apex and base`
    base is the top round part, apex is the exiting-part. 
  75. trigone of bladder
    triangle made by ureter openings and urethral opening. 
  76. Ovaries
    little bean found in the circle of mesosalpinx formed by oviduct. 
  77. mesosalpinx
    inside the circle of the oviduct
  78. mesovarium
    part inside of the triangle made by the uterine horns and ovarian arteries
  79. mesometrium
    part outside the uterine horns
  80. oviduct
    fallopean tube in circle from uterine horn to ovary
  81. uterine horns
    the two side-chains
  82. body of uterus
    where the two uterine horns connect
  83. ovarian artery
    branch off abdominal aorta just above caudal mesenteric (below renal)
  84. Scrotum
    median groove
  85. spermatic cord
    leads up from testicles to around bladder, leads through prostate into penis
  86. epididymus
    coiled part next to testicle
  87. ductus deferens
    same as spermatic cord?  Leads up from testicles to around bladder, through prostate into penis
  88. pelvic urethra
    where urine enters the penis?
  89. thyroid
    along trachea caudal to larynx
  90. adrenal glands
    just medial to kidney
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