C++ Final Use Cases

  1. What are the 3 tasks of the system analyst?
    • Find actors and use cases
    • detail a use case
    • stucture the use case model
  2. Relationships
    meaningful relationships between actors and use cases
  3. system boundary
    a box drawn around the use cases to denote the edge or boundary of the system being modeled
  4. use case
    things that the actors can do with the system
  5. actors
    roles played by people or things that use the system
  6. include
    • <<include>>
    • a behaviour that is incorporated into the use case.
    • not optional behaviour
    • generalization
    • only use to simplify the model
  7. contraints - preconditions
    specifies what must be true before the use case can start
  8. contraints - postconditions
    specifies what will be true after the use case has execuded
  9. Flow of events - start
    • when an actor does something to trigger the use case
    • <actor><function>
  10. Writing steps in the workflow
    <number> The <something><some action>
  11. workflow - if statement
    • <number> If <boolean expression>.
    •                <number>.<number> The <something><someaction>
  12. workflow - for / while
    • <number>. For <iteration expression>
    •                   <number>.<number> The <something><someaction>
    •                   <number>.<number + 1> The <something><some action> <number + 1>
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