Chapter 5 Social Studies

  1. a type of government in which people have loyalty to a king or queen but have their individual rights protected by a constitution
    constitutional monarchy
  2. a sense of belonging to a nation rather than just to one's immigrant culture
    national identity
  3. products brought into a country from overseas
  4. a person who speaks French
  5. the policy of supporting the languages and customs of different immigrant groups
  6. the leader of the Canadian government
    Prime Minister
  7. structures that make it easy to move from one part of a country to another
    transportation corridor
  8. French-speaking Canadians who want to form their own independent country
  9. Canada's two branches of government
    legislative and judicial
  10. natural resources of Canada
    fish, copper, iron ore, gold, silver, wheat, oil, trees, water,
  11. What is the place many Canadians have settled?  Why?
    The lower part of Canada.  There are more cities and the land in the north has a harsh climate and rugged.
  12. Why did the Canadian government want Quebec to remain part of Canada?
    Quebec is  a major contributor to Canada's economy
  13. How do transportation barriers affect the economy?
    They slow down the development of industries.
  14. What are the four types of industry?  Give an example of each.
    • Primary- prepare and process raw materials such as farms, logging, mining
    • Secondary- manufacturing  such as bakeries, car manufacturers, furniture makers
    • Tertiary- service industries such as education, banking, health care
    • Quaternary - pass on information such cable companies, internet providers, research companies
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