music 345 unit 3

  1. drone
    a stationary tone or tones, usually played or sung during a section of music or throughout an entire performance. Some instruments, such as bagpipes, constantly play a drone tone/note
  2. hocket
    rhythmic linear technique using the alternation of notes, pitches, or chords
  3. heterophony
    literally “different sound”; performance of a single melody by two or more individuals who add their own rhythmic or melodic modifications. The “difference” comes from the individual variations and ornaments.
  4. metallophone
    struck idiophone w/ rectangular metal keys
  5. circular breathing
  6. vocable
    a word composed of various sounds or letters without regard to its meaning
  7. hegemony
    predominant influence, as of a state, region, or group, over another or others
  8. raga
    • melodic scale used for imporvistion, each with distinct melodic character, ornaments, and notes of emphasis; also, the system of melodic scales
    • literally "color" or "mood"
    • traditional associations
  9. Tal
    system of metric (temporal) organization
  10. vadi
    most important note of a raga
  11. gamak
    ornamental note
  12. alap
    • opening section of raga
    • played by soloist in free rhythm with tampura or done
  13. gat
    • a fixed musical figure
    • same medolic phrase again and again
  14. bansri
    reed flute
  15. tambura
    a drone four-stringed lute with gourd resonator used as a drone instrument
  16. sruti box
    an electronic drone
  17. Ravi Shankar
    • most famous classical musician
    • sitar, composer
    • musican ambassador- beatles woodstock montery pop festival
  18. sitar
    long-necked lute with gourd resonator used in southern India
  19. tabla
    pair of two small membranophones used in northern India
  20. bol
    • mnemonic syllable
    • define the tala, or rhythmic pattern
    • the short words the tabla player uses
  21. kanjira
    small tambourine with single set of jingles
  22. Bollywood
    nickname for the Indian film industry in Bombay(now called Mumbai)
  23. filmi sangeet
    • mass enterrtainment
    • large number of films produced in several languages
    • muscial numbers in most films
    • fast production and schedules
    • standard plots/characters
  24. playback singer
    • versatile, multi-lingual
    • prodigious
  25. Lata Mangeshkar
    most famous playback singer
  26. A.R. Rahmna
    • famous musical composer
    • Lagaan
  27. Lagaan
    • 2001
    • first Bollywood film nominated for Academy Award
    • A.R. Rahman
  28. qin/guchin
    7 string zither
  29. Abing
    • archetypal Wuxi folk musician
    • Taoist priest who preformed on the street for money
    • infulenced the Jiangnan style
  30. Wu Man
    a Chinese pipa and ruan player and composer
  31. Jiangnan Sizhu
    • Jiangnan = south of the river
    • sizhu = silk & bamboo
    • late 19th centery
    • typically performed in tea houses
    • merchant class patrons
    • amateur musicians
  32. ba duqu
    core repertoire of Jiangnon sizhu
  33. zheng
    • zither with bridges
    • many ornaments produced by non  plucking hand
    • modern descendent of qin
  34. erhu
    • chinese violin
    • bowed two string fiddle
  35. pipa
    pear shapped lute
  36. dizi
    flute with interior membrane to add timbre
  37. xiao
    end-blown flute
  38. sheng
    mouth/cluster organ
  39. jingju
    • Chinese drama w/music ancient Jingju fairly recent
    • civil division - fiddle
    • military - percussion
    • acrobatics/martial arts
    • all roles played by men
    • Farewell my concubine
  40. sona
  41. Cultural Revolution
    • Mao Zedong's comebakc
    • radical reform
    • carried out by red guard
    • public humiliation
    • anit-western
  42. "4 olds" of "the exploiting classes"
    • old customs
    • old habits
    • old culture
    • old thinking
  43. Jiang Qing
    • Mao Zedong's wife
    • cultural revolution
  44. Zhang Shouwang
    leader of Carsick Cars
  45. Carsick Cars
    Chinese indi rock band
  46. Dreamtime
    • The creation of life and earthly features by totemic ancestral spirit-beings
    • parallel reality, occured in the past but also exists in the present and future
  47. Songlines
    • paths across the continet linking these totemic emblems
    • sacred objects that have returned to the lind
  48. didgeridoo
    • aerophone
    • made out of hollowed out tree
    • only found in the north
    • drone note
    • circular breathing
  49. recycle breathing
    circular breathing
  50. boomerangs
    sticks used for percussion
  51. songman
    • special performer
    • songs to describe day-to-day events
    • handed down from spirits while dreaming
  52. wongga
     individually owned dance songs typically accompanied by didgeridoo and used in both ceremonial and non-ceremonial contexts.
  53. Stolen generation
    kidnapping of mixed-race children in the 1960s
  54. Aboriginal Rock
  55. Mandawuy Yunupingu
    • band leader of Yothu Yindi
    • namded Australian of the year in 1992
  56. Yothy Yindi
    • award winning band
    • album names "treaty"
  57. Hoomei
    Tuva term for throat or overtone singing
  58. sygyt
    emphasizes clear, ringing overtone, de-emphasizes fundamental drone of normal voice
  59. hoomei
    normal voice most clearly audible, with ringing overtones audible
  60. Kargyraa
    emphasizes deep "subtone" or "undertone" (octave below normal voice) w/ringing overtone
  61. doshpuluur
    plucked lute, similar to banjo
  62. igil
    two-stringed fiddle, normally decorated with horse-head carving (often called "horsehead fiddle")
  63. limpi
  64. Kongar-ol Ondar
    Genghis Blues
  65. Alash
  66. Huun-Huur-Tu
    • musical group
    • incorporates western instruments
  67.  gamelan
    • Indonesian ensemble consiting of gongs, and metallophe
    • unique names/tuning
    • court ensembles
  68. slendro
    pentatonic (5-note) scale of somewhat equidistant intervals
  69. pelog
    heptatonic (7-note) scale of large and small intervals
  70. halus
    polite, refined, or courteous
  71. gong ageng
    large gong
  72. kempul
    snall hanging gongs
  73. colotomic fuction/layer
    • specified instruments to mark off intervals of time
    • in gamelan performed by gongs
  74. balungan
    • "skeleton"
    • basic/core melody played by metallophones
  75. gender and saron
    • metallophones
    • played with one mallot
  76. bonang
    • medium and small gongs
    • on horizontally wounted on wooden racks
  77. pesinden
    female solo singer who sings with a gamelan
  78. rebab
    bamboo flute
  79. wayang kulit
    • shadow plays
    • all night
  80. dalang
    wayang kuilt pupetmaster
  81. kebyar
    • Balinese gamelan style
    • to burst into flame
    • to flower
  82. kotekan
    interlocking patterns played on the pairs of instruments
  83. kempli
    • kettle looking gong
    • struck with mallets
    • dampened with hand
  84. kecak
    • enacts scene from Hindu epic Ramayana
    • "monkey chat"
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