bio chapter 3

  1. A functional protein consists of one...
    • or more polypeptide chains, precisely folded and coiled into a molecule of unique
    • shape.
  2. what is the primary structure of proteins?
  3. specific sequence of amino acids in a protein
    • slight change in the primary structure of a protein can affect its ability to function.
  4. what are the different shapes of proteins?
    primary, secondary, Tertiary
  5. what do macromolecules do?
  6. macromolecules that provide the directions for building proteins = information storage molecules
  7. what are the 2 types of nucleic acids?
  8. 2 types of nucleic acids: DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid or RNA, ribonucleic acid
  9. when Building a Protein, : Must be translated from
    “nucleic acid language” to “protein language.”
  10. what are the three parts of a nucleotide?
  11. phosphate group, fiveā€carbon sugar, a nitrogenous base
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