Human Sexuality

  1. sex for work
    • sexual services in exchange for material compensation
    • pornos, prostitues, exotic dancing, phone sex
    • american pay $9-14 billion a year for sexually explicit materials
  2. pornography
    • sexually explicit material designed to elicit for arousal
    • men consume more porn
    • U.S produces much of world's porn
    • $14billion spent yearly
    • 72% of americans believe porn degrades women, and 77% say laws against pron should be more severe
    • about violence domination and conquest: purpose sexual arousal
  3. erotica
    works of art that are sexually stimulatinng but whose sole purpose is not arousal
  4. Categorzation of Porn
    • Hard core vs. Soft
    • -soft core has no penetration
    • genre
    • -sexual orientationg. physical characteristics, # of participants, fetishes
    • media its presented in
  5. Types of Sexual media
    • adult magazines: photos or illustrations
    • hentai: sijin manga: explicit japanese comics
    • movies: genre variets, $4billion rentals
    • internet: online sexual activity (OSA) cypersex
    • video games
  6. History
    • around since before humans could communicate
    • images in cave walls, roman ruins, kama sutra
    • Gutenber;s pring press allowed for it to flourish
    • 19th centure: first obscenity laws in U.S
    • stanley vs. Georgia: allowed private possession of material
    • most countries allow some porn and almost all have laws against child porn
  7. porn in the U.S
    • 1842: first anti obscenity laes
    • stanley vs. georgia
    • miler vs. california 1873: legal definition of obscenity
  8. anti porn
    viewed as immoral or demeaning towards women
  9. anti censorship
    view that repressing porn is first step to censorship
  10. pro sexuality
    view that porn has ptential benefits like increased pleasure relaxation, sex ed and info, safety
  11. prostitutuion
    • exchange of one's body for something of value
    • many different views
    • media gives unrealistic views of "the life"
  12. incidence and prevalence of prostitution
    • 1% of american women
    • not present in every society
    • more comming in countries of paverty, gender inequality
    • religion and fear of AIDS may lower incidence
  13. outdoor sex workers
    streetwalkers: low status prostitue
  14. indoor sex workers
    • b-girls work in bars or hotels
    • massage parlors
    • brothel
    • escort
    • call girls: highest status; can be hired over the phone or internet
  15. male prostitutes
    • gigolos: service females
    • hustlers: solicit males clients' on streets, internet
    • safe sex isnt a norm
  16. transgendered prostitutes
    male to female sex workers occupy lowest rung of hierarchy
  17. pimp
    finds and manages customers for prosititutes
  18. panderer (procurers)
    find customers for streetworkers
  19. madams
    woman who runs brothel
  20. sex tourism
    travel for the sole purpose of sexual activity
  21. sex trafficking
    • recruintment, harboring, transportation, or obtaining of a person for purpose of commercial sex act
    • 200,00 sex slaves worldwide
    • detrimental physically and psychologicaly
  22. prostitution and the law
    • 90,000 people arrested each year in US for violations
    • 90% prostitues 10% customers
    • legal in some countries but illegal in most US states
  23. postions on prostitution
    abolition, legalization, decriminalization
  24. phone sex
    • sexually explicit conversationg that occurs between 2
    • in a relationship, or commercially
  25. sexting
    • sending explicit messages
    • can be aggravated or experimental
  26. strip clubs
    • bars/night clubs featureing erotic dance and entertainment
    • two cateories: topless and all-nude
    • gray area between performance and prostitution
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