science 25

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  1. the internal balance an organism must maintain
  2. small cell fragments that help in blood clotting
  3. how long do platelets live
    about one week
  4. what kills people the most in the united states
    heart disease
  5. an arrhythmia in which the heart quivers vigorously but does not pump blood
  6. what is anemia
    its a person whos blood cannot carry enough oxygen to his body cells
  7. what makes erythrocytes appear red
  8. the top layer would be the straw-colored fluid called the___________
  9. the proper name for red blood cells
  10. the proper name for white blood cells
  11. what is the pericardium
    a fluid filled sac covering the heart
  12. name the excretory system in order
    1. kidneys 2. ureters 3. urinary bladder 4. urethra
  13. the tubes that carry the wastes and water filtered out of the blood
  14. a muscular bag that temorarily stores the fluid wastes from the kindeys
    urinary bladder
  15. what is the urethra
    a tube that leads the wastes from the bladder to outside of the body
  16. name the three components of the circulatory system
    heart, blood vessels, blood
  17. to what body system do the kidney's belong
  18. what are clot busters
    enzymes that dissolve blood clots
  19. what kind of energy does a defibrillator use to restore normal heart functions
  20. what is the functions of your natural pacemaker
    causes your heart to beat automaticly
  21. through which blood vessels does blood enter the heart from the body
    superior and inferior vena cava
  22. name the largest artery in the body
  23. how much blood does a human body normally have
    3-5 quarts
  24. what is the usual life span of an erythrocyte
    120 days
  25. which type of blood cell transports oxygen
  26. name the microscopic units in the kindey that filter wastes from the blood
  27. what is the common waste substance in the urine that is produced from protein digestion
  28. what is another name for an "artificial kidney"
    dialysis machine
  29. true or false
    erythrocytes are shaped like discs that have been pressed in on both sides
  30. true or false
    leukocytes are smaller than erthrocytes
    false; larger
  31. true or false
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