1. November 12, 1815 - October 16, 1902
    Born in New York
    Well educated for her time
    Met Henry Stanton (husband) through her early involvemnt in the temperance & abolition movements. 
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  2. January 3, 1793 - November 1, 1880
    Quacker minister
    Met at the Internation Anti-Slavery Convention 
    Against slavery
    Lucretia Mott
  3. Feburary 15, 1820 - March 13, 1906
    Joined forceds in the temperance movement 
    Went to Female Sufferage & Women's Rights
    Single women, had plenty of time to travel & do speeches. 
    Susan B. Anthony
  4. August 13, 1818 - October 19, 1893
    Joined women's movement 
    Dropped out of college
    Lucy Stone
  5. January 19, 1859 - March 9, 1947
    Born in Wisconsin
    Raised in Iowa 
    Joined women's Christian temperance union (WCTU)
    Campaigning for women's sufferage
    Carrie Chapman Catt
  6. January 11, 1885 - July 9, 1977
    Had a PH.D & a law degree
    Lived in England & inspired women to join the women's sufferage movement. 
    Alice Paul
  7. July 18, 1879 - December 22, 1966
    Born in New York
    Irish Catholic family
    Vassar college & Yale University 
    English teacher
    Moved to England, went to Oxford University 
    Lucy Burns
  8. Joined International Anti-Slavery Convention
    William Lloyd Garrison
  9. Sixtenth President 
    Abraham Lincoln 
  10. Published Uncle Tom's Cabin - most influential novel that stirs anti-slavery sentiments.
    Harriet Beecher Stowe
  11. Enslaved Afrian American preacher 
    Leads most significant slave uprising in American history
    Him & his band of about 80 followers murdered nearly 60 whites (mostly women & children) 
    Hanged withover 50 of his comrades. 
    Nat Turner
  12. Congress passes ________. The Kansas-Nebraska Act
    Stephen A. Douglas
  13. Won ballte of New Orleans 
    President ______ sent naval flotilla & promised to send troops if South Carolina wouldn't recognize tariff. 
    Andrew Jackson
  14. Resigned as Vice President 
    Publiced secretly by ______ (South Carolina Exposition) druing the Nullification Crisis 
    John C. Calhoun 
  15. Educated slave-black smith who was inspired by successful Haitian slave revolt 
    Prosser planned an insurrection to capture Richmond & massacre white, except methodist, Quakers, Frenchman, & the poor. 
    Gabriel Prosser
  16. Elected president of the CSA
    Jefferson Davis
  17. President responded wiht the Embargo Act of 1807
    Thomas Jefferson
  18. Got message from Napoleon bonaparte promising to leave our ships alone & respect American's neutrality, if France & the US joined alliances.
    Gave speech to US Congress recounting America's grievance agaisnt Great Britain. 
    James Madison
  19. Given command of American Army of Northwest 
    9th president of US
    American Military officer
    First president to die in office
    William Henry Harrison
  20. One of America's most famous ship captians before, during, & after the war of 1812.
    Stephen Decatur
  21. Awaited British naval bombardment
    George Armistead
  22. American commander captian 
    Fought battle of Lake Erie on September 10, 1813. 
    Oliver Hazard Perry
  23. Democratic-Republicans had planned for on of the elections to abstain from casting his second vote for _______.
    New York, former US Senator
    Aaron Burr
  24. Ferderalist leader
    Alexander Hamilton
  25. Massachusetts, President
    Reported on France's refusal to negotiate & spoke of the need "to place our country in a suitable posture of defense."
    John Q Adams
  26. Marbury, Chief Justice
    Affixed the Great Seal on the commissions
    John Marshall 
  27. Appointed Thomas Pinckney to be US minister (ambassador) to Great Britain in 1792. 
    Farewell address
    US-September 17, 1796
    George Washington 
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