CCNA Chapter 12

  1. What are the standard access-list numbers?
    • <1-99> and 
    • <1300-1999> (expanded range)
  2. What are the extended access-list numbers?
    • <100-199> or
    • <2000-2699> (extended range)
  3. What is the syntax for a standard access-list?
    • R1(config)#access-list "#" "permit or deny" "host name or address, any, host" "wild card"
    • e.x. R1(config)#access-list 10 deny
  4. How are wild cards set up?
    Reverse of subnet masks. where 0 is an exact match and 255 is any.
  5. What is the syntax for an extended access-list?
    R1(config)#access-list "#" "permit or deny" "network protocol ie. tcp" "source host or network address" "destination host or network address" "protocol ie. telnet"

    ex. R1(config)#access-list 110 deny any 23
  6. How do you setup a named access-list?
    • R1(config)#ip access-list "standard or extended" "# or word"
    • R1(config-std-ncl)#"deny or permit" "network #" "wild card"
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CCNA Chapter 12
CCNA Chapter 12