WH: Greek Vocab.

  1. Minoan Civilization
    civilization on the island of Crete. reached its height from 1600-1400 B.C.
  2. Knossos
    capital of the Minoan civilization on Crete 
  3. Mycenaean Civilization
    civilization on the Greek Peniinsula from 1400-1200 B.C. 
  4. Hellenic Civilization
    pure Greek civilization from 750-338 B.C. 
  5. Hellenistic Civilization 
    time when the Greek culture mixed with other cultures 323-123 B.C. 
  6. Polis
    the name for a Greek city-state 
  7. City-State
    an independent city having its own government, laws, police, and army
  8. Ostracism
    citzens of a polis would vote to exile a  fellow citizen from the city-state 
  9. oligarchy
    rule by few 
  10. helots 
    spartan slaves 
  11. direct democracy
    where all the citizens vote on all the laws 
  12. athena 
    Goddess of Wisdom- Athens is named after her 
  13. Parthenon 
    temple to Athena in Athens 
  14. agora 
    greek marketplace 
  15. Mt. Olympus 
    home of the gods 
  16. zeus 
    head of all the gods 
  17. oracle 
    sacred places and sacred words by which gods and goddesses fotetell the future 
  18. fate 
    events that happen because they are suppose to happen 
  19. doric
    • plain greek architecture
    • "d" in doric= dull
  20. ionic
    slightly fancy greek architecture
  21. corinthian
    very elaborate greek architecture
  22. hubris
    excessive pride leading to one's downfall
  23. myth
    an untrue story used to explain something unknown
  24. Iliad and The Odyssey 
    poems wirtten by Homer about the Trojan war 
  25. acropolis
    • public buildings on fortified hill
    • "acro"- means high, as to in the air 
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