CCNA Chapter 10

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  1. What is the IEEE standard for switch STP?
    The IEEE standard for STP is 802.1d.
  2. What is the IEEE standard for Rapid Spanning Tree protocol (RSTP)?
    The IEEE standard for RSTP is 802.1w.
  3. How does STP and RSTP determine the best path to the root bridge?
    • It is called the cost, and is determined by the speed of the links.
    • 10Gb/s = 2
    • 1Gb/s = 4
    • 100Mb/s = 19
    • 10Mb/s = 100
  4. What is is the cost of a 10Gb/s link for STP?
  5. What is the cost for a 1Gb/s link for STP?
  6. What is the cost for a 100Mb/s link for STP?
  7. What is the cost for a 10Mb/s link for STP?
  8. How does STP designate the root bridge by default?
    STP will by default use the router with lowest MAC address for the root bridge.
  9. How do you manually set a switch to be the root bridge for STP?
    • You can either set the Vlan priority to a lower number.
    • Or you can set Vlan # root primary
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