Geometry 5-4: Special Quads.

  1. Regtangle 
    a quadrilateral with four right angles; every rectangle is a parallelogram  

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  2. Rhombus
    • is a quadrilateral with four congruent sides; therefore, every rhombus is a parellogram
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  3. Square
    a quad. with four right angles and four congruent sides; every sqaure is a rectangle, rhombus, and a parallogram 

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  4. T5-12 The diagnals of a rectangle are.....
  5. T5-13 The diagnals of a rhombus are....
  6. T5-14 Each diagnal of rhombus ______ ______ angles of the rhombus 
    bisects two 
  7. T5-15 The midpoint of the hhypotenuse of a right triangle is
    equidistant from the three vertices
  8. T5-16 If an angle of parallogram is a right angle, 
    then the parallogram is a rectangle 
  9. T5-17 If two consec. sides of a parallogram are congruent
    then the parallel. is a rhombus 
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Geometry 5-4: Special Quads.
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